Reawaken Your Passion With Exercise

Our lady parts are functional, but they also put the fun in function. When it comes to sexual health, please make sure you are seeing an ob-gyn and protecting yourself against STDs and unwanted pregnancies. Both can have a major impact on your health and longterm life.

Sexual Passion and Health

Another way to take care of your sexual health EXERCISE. Staying fit has a huge impact on our sexual lives, especially on your pelvic floor. By exercising regularly and doing targeted pelvic floor exercises, like Kegels, you will improve the quality and enjoyment of sexual intercourse. A strong and healthy body also leads you to feel more comfortable in your skin and thus more confident in the bedroom.


1. Identify the muscles in play. You can do this by laying down, inserting a finger into your vagina, and then squeezing. If you feel a tightening around your finger, then you have identified the muscles.

2. Once you have identified the muscles, practice with an empty bladder.

– Tighten the pelvic muscles and hold for 10 seconds.

– Then, relax your muscles completely for 10 seconds.

Do 10 sets, 3 times a day. You can do them while you’re standing, sitting, or lying down. But don’t go overboard! Doing more than recommended can cause muscle fatigue, which can make any underlying issues worse.

Sexual Health and Passion



Loving your amazing body from the inside out includes thinking about the products you use during masturbation and sex. Many personal lubricants you find at sex shops are full of chemicals, scents, and can bother sensitive skin.

One of our favorite alternatives is LOVER’S OIL from Province Apothecary, which is an all natural massage oil made with a blend of pure essential oils recognized as aphrodisiacs, making it a great way to have fun in the bedroom. The mixture of rose, cedar, ylang-ylang, jasmine, rosemary, bergamot, sage, vetiver and cardamon, create a sensual experience to share with your lover. These ingredients are intoxicating aphrodisiacs with sensual scents. While their Lover’s Oil is strictly for massages, PA’s Sex Oil can safely be used with condoms.


How do you take care of your sexual health? 

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