How To Properly Air Dry Your Hair 


Hello, Body Book Babes! If you are like me, you hate washing your hair over the sheer dread of drying it. To avoid drying and styling time, I’ve been opting to let my hair air dry as much as possible these days.

The following is my ‘secret recipe’ for gaining optimal styling results, while optimizing the time it takes to fully air dry those strands! On my most productive mornings, I’ve got my hair air drying while listening to a podcast and scratching off multiple items on my to-do list.

For reference, my hair is medium in thickness, wavy, past my shoulders, and takes forever to dry. After much trial and error, this is the step-by-step process that has worked for me. Hope you find these steps useful as they benefit almost any hair texture and can guarantee beach-like, air dried hair.

P L A N   A H E A D

My best advice is to make the drying time work in your favor. Select a specific day and time that allows you to accomplish tasks or simply relax to maximize the drying process.

P R E P   W A S H

The proper air dry experience begins at the wash—especially if you’re lusting after frizz-free, beach-like waves. I recommend using a frizz management product like Kristin Ess’ Cleansing Conditioner. It’s the same concept of a co-wash (conditioner wash), but this cleanser is specifically designed to lock-in natural oils while cleansing away grime and taming those ends. I have finished three tubes of this stuff so that’s saying something! I advise combing out your hair pre-shower (especially if prone to tangling) then finger combing after shampooing, before getting out of the shower. The less you fuss with your hair throughout the drying process, the less frizzy those beach waves will be.


Remove access water from drenched hair by first gently drying your hair with a terry cloth or cotton towel. This process is necessary as it cuts down on the overall drying time and allows products to absorb better.

W E T   S T Y L E

Once again, avoid touching your hair as much as possible after you step out of the shower. If you encounter tangles, try racking your hair with your fingers so your waves maintain their natural texture and you avoid creating a halo full of frizz. Spritz your hair with your favorite sea salt spray and/or wave infusing gel. Beaty Tip: I’ve started using both a weightless gel and a sea salt spray to maximize my wavy-to curly strands and give my hair more textured bounce.  A few of my favorite products include: London Labs Sea Spray Texturiser, and Bumble and Bumble Don’t Blow It.

T W I S T   +   S E T

Make the most of natural waves by twisting your strands backwards to create wind-swept waves and face-framing texture. Twist and set with a spray like OUAI Wave Spray, then roll strands in a spacial drying turban like the one mentioned below.

R O L L   U P

Because my hair takes forever to dry (even under the drier), air drying can take all day. I speed up the process by using the very clever Hubalou Hair Wrap Towel. It’s a special hair towel made from 100% rayon from bamboo to effectively cut drying time in half while reducing frizz. It’s a game changer—one that’s allowed me to air dry across all the seasons. I usually wear the Hubalou anywhere from 1-3 hours, but you can also sleep in it (making it possible to dry while you sleep). BEAUTY TIP: Make sure you twist all of your hair within the rayon cloth to evenly dry all your strands. Here are a few ideas for wrapping your hair in the Hubalou.

Once you’ve removed your turban, your hair should be dry or almost dry. Air dry the rest and fluff out your waves once dry for extra bounce.

Photography: @babesandthebungalow
Model: @bellawholey 

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