My Mindset is the Most Important Part of My Morning Routine


My morning routine doesn’t start early. I don’t wake up while my toddler is still sleeping to meditate, exercise or journal. I used to feel guilty about this, but in all honesty, after an interrupted night waking up early would leave me feeling very tired. And when I wake up tired, I’m not nearly as grounded as I am when I have had a restful night. So I choose to sleep.

Even when I do wake, which is when my daughter wakes, I don’t begin an unplugged morning routine. I do all the wrong things. I look at my phone. I check my email. I check Instagram. I think about what I have to do during the day. And then my husband and I go to my daughter’s room and get her from her crib, hug her, kiss her and then my husband changes her while I have a shower.

This is when my routine begins. And I start with the most important part.

While the hot water is running down on me and I am able to think clearly, I set an intention for the day. How am I going to feel? How am I going to react? How am I going to carry myself?  Usually, I say to myself “Today I am going to be joyful. I am going to be productive. I am going to be present. I am grateful for today, I am grateful to be alive.” (Related read: 5 Ways I Deal With My Anxiety)

The intention sets my mindset for the day and helps me choose the thoughts and feelings I want to focus on. It also gets me excited for all the possibilities in the day ahead.

After setting my intention, ideas come to my mind. I think about people I want to connect with for my podcast, Manifest This!, and topics I want to address. When I get out of the shower, I quickly jot down the ideas I had and then get ready for the day.

My routine continues with a liter of water followed by vitamins, oatmeal, green smoothie and tea. While this part of my routine nourishes me physically, the magic happens for me mentally in the shower when setting an intention.

connect to your magic

I could be drinking all of the green smoothies out there, taking all of the “right” vitamins, unplugging from my phone and social media until I’ve finished breakfast, but if I’m not feeling that MAGIC and  EXCITEMENT for the day, I am not able to show up as my best self.

Tell us, what’s your morning routine like?

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ASHLEY WOOD is a recipe developer and writer from Winnipeg, Canada. With a passion for health, wellness and vegetables, Ashley creates simple and inexpensive vegan recipes made from whole ingredients that are often seasonal, sometimes gluten-free and occasionally raw. Ashley believe in celebrating the benefits of living a vegan lifestyle and at the very least, hopes to inspire others to eat more plants, smile and live with some Sunshine.

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