Our Body is Our Home | Making Positive Choices & Yoga Flow Video

Our Body is Our Home

Our bodies are an intelligent design of twelve dynamic systems continuously interacting with each other for optimal function. Its sophistication is miraculous and leaves me in awe, that’s why I love what I do for a living! These highly organized systems dictate how our estimated 37.2 trillion cells operate to bring us life. We receive messages from our body through our nervous system with tweaks, pain, aches, etc. Are we willing to listen to them? Usually with a serious injury we are forced to seek help. It’s important to recognize our body is like a car, which requires fuel, oil changes, frequent tune-ups, and general maintenance like having the tires rotated. If you don’t take care of your car, it won’t run well or efficiently, and it could create bigger problems down the road, or may even breakdown. Our body also requires maintenance and tune-ups for optimal health. Check alignment, create a new exercise program or movement plan, change up your yoga routine, and assess your “fuel” intake. Investigate what isn’t working well, and also appreciate what IS working well.

As a physical therapist, I examine the entire structure of the body and observe how the systems are interacting. I determine the proper ingredients and their measurements for the recipe to your good health. Life is dynamic, and so are we. Our bodies change and its demands fluctuate. Listen to its messages, especially the subtle ones, choose to take care of its trillions of cells to prevent possible breakdowns in the future and to make sure it runs well for a very long time. 

Our body is our home; it’s so much more than a car! It allows us to optimize every moment and make conscious choices to move forward in life. What choices do you make to take care of your “home”? One of those choices is to free yourself from trying to fit the image of being perfect.

Researcher Bren Brown in The Gifts of Imperfection: “Perfectionism is not the same thing as striving to be your best. Perfectionism is a belief that if we live perfect, look perfect, and act perfect, we can minimize or avoid the pain of blame, judgment, and shame. It’s a shield. Perfectionism is a twenty-ton shield that we lug around thinking it will protect us when, in fact, it’s the thing that’s really preventing us from taking flight.”

Our Body is Our Home

“Making a change in your life is as easy as making a decision and acting on it. That’s it.” ~ Ronda Rousey in Your Fight My Fight
“Making bad decisions doesn’t make you a bad person. It is how you learn to make better choices.” ~ Drew Barrymore in Wildflower

Perfection is exhausting, especially this time of year. It seems like the more we try to make everything right, it goes wrong. Here’s the key, YOU have amazing power, and it lies within your choices. Choosing your thoughts is like choosing what to wear. Choose thoughts that honor your body, make you feel good, cozy, and uplifted.

Free yourself with positive choices. Try these on for size:

  1. 1. Laugh when your plans go haywire.
  2. 2. Breathe when you are challenged with a family member.
  3. 3. Play an inspiring song (“Climb Every Mountain” by Jordan Smith) when you are stuck in traffic.
  4. 4. Do something kind for yourself. (Schedule a tune-up with me!)
  5. 5. Do something kind for someone else.
  6. 6. Simplify and go with the flow.
  7. 7. Let go of the shield.
  8. 8. Go easy on yourself.
  9. 9. Be yourself.
  10. 10. Be grateful.
  11. 11. Your turn… it’s a practice, create your own.

Choose to accept you are perfectly imperfect.

With Love and Light,

Amanda Kriebel DPT, E-RYT

Affectionately described by many as a yoga scientist, Amanda Kriebel is an innovative Doctor of Physical Therapy and Yoga Teacher who humbly claims to be a student of life. She inspires her patients and students to find JOY through creative techniques to optimize their physique and health. She developed a clinical collection of short yoga videos designed for all types of individuals and athletes curious to explore yoga. Amanda has assisted the sports medical team at World Surfing League events since 2011. She is an avid surfer/snowboarder/lover of the ocean and the mountains. As an adventurer herself she is dedicated to promoting health and longevity so that you dwell IN JOY. Contact her to schedule and appointment in person or via Skype. Learn more about her and her exclusive videos: www.awarenesspt.com | Facebook | Instagram @amanda.kriebel | YouTube Channel

Photo/Video Credit: Micaela Malmi Photography