One Week Pilates Challenge with The Balanced Life – Day 1

As we close out Winter and approach the start of Spring, there are many breakthroughs that are possible just around the corner. Your body wants to be strong. It needs to be strong. All this requires is ditching the belief that you can’t, that you’re weak, that you don’t have time, that you don’t deserve to feel good. Make it your intention this month to experience strength, to power your body with the nutrition it needs, and to get moving.

Pilates 1 Week Challenge

This week we’ve teamed up with Robin Long of The Balanced Life to do just that – get you moving! Robin will be sharing a Pilates workout video each day this week so that you can begin or end the day on a healthy note. Each video is different, but they will all focus on the basic principles of Pilates, which you can learn more about here.


Today’s workout has a little extra focus on the abs. It’s a full body routine but you’ll definitely feel the work in your core. Remember to focus on form first, the results will follow.

How do you begin or end your day in a healthful way?

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