New Year, New Goals: Being the Best Version of You

New Year, New Goals: Being the Best Version of You

Hi, I’m Lauren, the other half of The Resource Girls. Cat’s the workout guru in our dynamic duo and has been for years. She’s always loved working out and to be honest I never really got it.  Sure I’d work out here or there, but it was never consistent or a priority for me. I also just downright didn’t find it fun, so I never wanted to do it. It felt like a chore. There were days I’d feel speechless and dumbfounded by Cat’s outpouring of love for fitness. She’d call me on her drive home from the gym chatting away, on cloud nine. I would wonder how it was possible.

I was clueless when it came to the gym appeal until the beginning of 2015. Each new year Cat and I set goals for ourselves in each of The Resource Girls five F’s – Fashion, Fitness, Finance, Food and Friendship.  My fitness goal this last year was to not only buy a gym membership, but go three times a week and make it a point to attend actual fitness classes, not just run on a treadmill. I’m happy to say that I did it!  It can be easy to look at someone who is in really good shape and disregard what they have to say about working out on the regular, I’ve been there. Of course a two minute plank and twenty push-ups is easy for you, you have amazing arms and haven’t even broken a sweat. Am I right?!  We’ve all been there.  It can be intimidating. As a girl with no real defined muscles, who is no where close to a size four and still can’t hold a long plank longer than a minute, I’m here to tell you to stop feeling intimidated and tell yourself it’s time.

New Year, New Goals: Being the Best Version of You

Start the new year right. It’s time to make your body, mind and soul a real priority. Here are a few things I’ve learned that I hope can help you get on the track to becoming a healthier you.

Ask yourself why, set goals, and make them measurable.

I got engaged a year ago and my wedding has been my motivation in 2015. My measurable goals were to drop a pant size (yay, I did that!) and attend workout classes at least three times a week. Jillian Michaels preaches this a lot, your goals can’t be vague. If you tell yourself you just want to look good, you won’t stick with it. Examples of goals could be a race you want to train for, new skinny jeans or an upcoming beach vacation. Whatever it is, set a goal and make it measurable.

Force yourself to view exercise as a part of your self care routine.

This may seem unrealistic at first, but in time it will become so natural you will actually enjoy it and, dare I say, look forward to it. As a social worker, I’m big on self care. All women deserve more time to invest in themselves as we’re usually putting everyone else’s needs before our own. Whether it’s a yoga class to balance yourself and find some peace and quiet or hip hop fitness to dance it out and let loose. Find whatever your body needs in that moment and embrace it.

New Year, New Goals: Being the Best Version of You
Speak positively to yourself.

Working out can be super intimidating, especially if you’re in a fitness class. I was in horrible shape when I first started earlier this year. I couldn’t do half the moves in yoga and was exhausted after only five minutes in a weightlifting class. Don’t let a workout pro at the gym get you down. Channel that as motivation for what you want to be. We all have to start somewhere. Continue to encourage yourself, tell yourself how great you’re doing and speak positivity into your mind as you workout.  Get it girl! That’s what I yell in my head some workouts over and over again. Cat always tells me, “The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen.” Half the battle is getting there. If you’re doing something you should count it as an accomplishment!

Find a friend to hold you accountable, but don’t beat yourself up if you have a few missteps.

Cat is great at this. She encourages me so much to keep at it, but if I miss a workout for whatever excuse I have that day, she’ll challenge me to go the following day. Some days we all just need to lay on the couch, with Netflix on and wine in hand. As a lover of this type of lazy routine I’m here to say it’s okay. We all need our breaks, but don’t let it stop you all together. Force yourself to go the following day to make up for it.

New Year, New Goals: Being the Best Version of You

The same is true in exercise and in life, we’re all on our own journey. We can’t focus on all the noise and static surrounding us in our everyday lives, the voice of naysayers saying it can’t be done. You only have to be better than the you of yesterday. Set some goals, channel some positive vibes, and make this year one to remember. Allow yourself grace when you make a mistake and know you won’t be perfect. However, always be true to you. I can guarantee you won’t regret it.

What goals are you setting for yourself for next year How do you intend to stick with them?

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