One very fun Saturday, I went with my nieces and nephew to a huge warehouse-like play land full of trampolines, padded from wall to wall. An entire room full of trampolines! It’s like heaven. You just jump from one trampoline to the next to the next to the next. It is ridiculously fun—and everybody gets really SWEATY. So there we were, just jumping from one trampoline to the next, a hundred 14 year olds and one 40 year old—me.

And we were all so full of joy. That day was one of the best days ever. That’s the beauty of movement…movement is magical. When humans move, we become gazelles and cheetahs. We defy gravity. And we get HAPPY.

The MOVE section is all about leaping and bounding and hurtling through the air. About increasing endurance and energy, building your muscles, finding your flexibility. Upping your mood. Falling in love with movement. And committing to an active life.

Why should you train and stretch and sweat?

So you can open a jar without asking for help. So you can swim to the edge of the lake. So you can make it the finish line.

– Cameron