What the Moon Can Teach Us About Our Menstrual Cycles


I’ve always called my period my ‘moon time’ but I never knew the reason why. I think I had heard it once before and thought that it sounded pretty and feminine so I started using it, too.

Since then I’ve learned just how connected our menstrual cycles are to the lunar cycle. And this connection is not just some new-age idea, since for centuries humans have been using astrology as a way to tell time, explain emotions and to try to predict the future.

Women, in particular, have a special astrological connection to the moon because the moon is feminine, while the sun is masculine. So, it makes sense that women can look to the moon to make sense of their reproductive health.

A few weeks ago, I saw a post on Instagram about the White Moon Cycle and Red Moon Cycle. A new moon had passed a few days earlier and after performing my new moon ritual, I felt inspired to learn more about this.

Not only are menstruation cycles 28-30 days long, the same length as a lunar month, but women will apparently experience both White Moon and Red Moon cycles over their lifetime. Energetically, this is what the moon is communicating to us:

White Moon Cycle

The White Moon Cycle has been historically linked to the new moon (see this year’s moon phases here). So if you’re a White Moon woman, you will bleed during this time. Women who experience their menstrual cycles during this time can feel more aware of their intuition. They can also feel that they’ve already given the world all they can give, energetically, over the past month and choose to withdrawal for the week, focusing on themselves and their needs. Their ‘moon time’ is also their ‘me time.’ Traditionally, White Moon women can also be more focused on mothering, nurturing and raising children.

Red Moon Cycle

The Red Moon Cycle has been historically linked to the full moon. This is also the time when the Earth is at its most fertile state. The illumination of the moon is said to encourage plants to flourish. In ancient times, the Red Moon women have been said to be healers and shamans, focusing their ‘darker’ and more creative energy outwards to teach others from their own experiences. Often, Red Moon women are focused on self-development, creativity, self-growth and mentorship. While also being mothers and raising children, Red Moon women are often focused on creating art, business or other aspects of life beyond reproduction.

I am a Red Moon woman, and it couldn’t be more accurate. I’ve been spiritual, clairvoyant and even psychic for my entire life, but only recently have opened up this side of myself publicly on my podcast Manifest This! To my surprise, I feel called down the path of ‘healer’ or ‘shaman’ the more I nurture this side of myself. Of course, I now feel more connected to the moon and astrology as well.


If your cycle is a little messed up (as is the case for many women), there are some things you can do that may help align your energy with the moon’s. Of course, if you are dealing with PCOS or other hormonal imbalances, these suggestions may not work, but they’re always worth a try.

Spend Time in Nature

Get outside, away from technology, and enjoy being in nature. Take deep breaths and surround yourself with foliage, the sound of birds singing, the warmth of the sunshine and the peaceful tranquility that the outdoors has to offer. If you live in a cold climate, keep houseplants in your home and open your windows from time to time to allow the fresh air to enter your space.

Light & Dark

Regulating your body’s natural circadian rhythm can help regulate your cycle as well as improve your sleep. Do your best to be in light during the daytime and in darkness at night. At night, turn off all electronics and put your phone in airplane mode. Allow your body to experience the natural rhythms of light and dark, in alignment with the day and night.

Moon Bath

Sleeping under the full moon is said to help regulate menstruation. Whether you’re able to sleep outside or just keep your blinds open at night, allowing the moon’s light to shine over you is healing, rejuvenating and peaceful. You can also try going for a walk under the moonlight, taking time to stand in the stillness and soak up her magic.

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