Meditation On the Go | 5 Apps to Help You Reach Zen Anywhere

Meditation on the go | 5 Apps to help you reach zen anywhere

Have you ever wanted to mediate but had NO idea where to start? These Resource Girls have wanted to find some zen for quite some time but never made it a priority. It can be hard to know where to begin or how you go about meditating. Have you ever tried meditating only to find to-do lists running through your mind? Tasks begin calling your name and before you know it little life stressors have made their way into your quiet time of mediation and you forgot what you were doing in the first place. This has often been the case with us or the exact opposite. We started meditating only to find ourselves on an extended meditation also known as an afternoon siesta.

This is why we are currently obsessed with a couple different mediation apps that you can do anytime and anywhere. We can promise you this is the best couple of dollars you’ve spent in a long time! You can get some zen in your life for less than you pay for your morning latte. There are many different types of mediation apps, different levels and different styles so there is no excuse to not find one that fits your personality.

Meditation on the go | 5 Apps to help you reach zen anywhere Meditation on the go | 5 Apps to help you reach zen anywhere

Some of our favorites:

– FREE, monthly and yearly subscriptions available
– Three mediation options
– 7-21 days guided meditation, tracks your progress
– Unguided meditation
– Over 25 guided meditations ranging from 1-20 minutes

– FREE, monthly and yearly subscriptions available
– Learn the basics in ten, ten minute meditation exercises designed for beginners
– Offers a buddy system for you and your friends to track your progress
– Reminders to help you stay on track

– Ranging anywhere from 3 – 60 minutes
– Background music mixer to personalize your practice
– HealthKit integration that recognizes your stress level and helps you to keep calm

Gaiam Meditation Studio
– $2.99
– Over 200 guided meditations featuring different teachers and styles
– Ranging anywhere from 1 – 10 minutes
– Track your progress and schedule meditation sessions

– $4.99
– Over 80 custom guided audio meditation tracks
– Solo meditation timer
– Ranging anywhere from 5-10 minutes
– Stats show your usage and progress

It’s 2016 and we’re all going a mile a minute. Sometimes you may need to find a couple moments of meditation on the train during your morning commute, at work before a big meeting or even late at night on your patio. No matter your location we are sure you have your phone, so pop in your earbuds, take a deep breath and find a few minutes to refocus. In recent months we can definitely say we’ve found solace in using apps to help quiet our minds before bed, break negativity and to all around regroup.Try some guided meditation today! We can promise you won’t regret it.

What are your favorite mind and body apps? Share yours in the comments. For more on meditation, try this End of Summer Meditation, Meditation for Healing Addictions, and Breath Awareness Meditation.

Meditation on the go | 5 Apps to help you reach zen anywhere

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