Meditation for Healing Addictions

Meditation for Healing Addictions by Ashley Neese

Often times we think addiction is only about alcohol and drugs but the reality is addiction is woven into our lives in many forms. Think about all of the times you shut down and reached for something to make yourself feel better. That in itself is the nature of addiction, the pull to go outside of yourself to change how you feel.

Do you tend to pack your schedule so tight you can’t possibly feel any sadness? Or what about mindlessly browsing Instagram comparing yourself to everyone else, eating to numb how you feel or ruminating on how much you are lacking? All of the habits are cutting you off from your capacity to love and enjoy and empowered, heart centered life.

Today I am sharing a powerful meditation for healing addiction given by Yogi Bhajan who introduced Kundalini yoga to the West. This meditation is very helpful for all forms of addiction from substance use to clearing your mind of negative thought patterns.

Healing addiction is most effective with a holistic approach. This meditation makes a great addition to any practices and therapies you are already involved with. Start with 5 minutes daily and work your way up. Bonus, it also strengthens your upper back and arms!

A Meditation for Healing Addictions (*as taught by Yogi Bhajan)

body position

Sit in an Easy Pose, with a light jalandhar bandh. Straighten the spine and make sure the first six lower vertebrae are locked forward.

Keep the eyes closed and focus at the Brow Point.


SAA-TAA-NAA-MAA (you will say this to yourself silently)


Make fists of both hands and extend the thumbs straight. Place the thumbs on the temples and find the niche where the thumbs just fit. This is the lower anterior portion of the frontal bone above the temporal-sphenoidal suture. Lock the back molars together and keep the lips closed.

Keeping the teeth pressed together throughout, alternately squeeze the molars tightly and then release the pressure. A muscle will move in rhythm under the thumbs. Feel it massage the thumbs and apply a firm pressure with the hands. Silently vibrate the five primal sounds—the Panj Shabd—SAA-TAA-NAA-MAA, at the brow.


Continue for 5-7 minutes. With practice, the time can be increased to 20 minutes and ultimately to 31minutes.

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