Love Your Body with Tone It Up Duo Karena & Katrina

I recently had the pleasure of attending a full-day wellness event with the popular fitness duo and founders of Tone It UpKarena Dawn and Katrina Scott. From the live-streamed fitness class with Tone It Up members around the world, to a dance party workout, manicure, massage, and smoothie tasting, it was a day rich in self-care. I attend a lot of fitness events and this one felt different. It wasn’t just another class, but a community of inspiring and kickass women dedicated to making their lives healthier, happier, and a lot of fun. Read on for a quick chat with Karena and Katrina…

You both are role models to thousands of women around the globe, who do you look up to?

We look to our community. Every day, these women blow us away with their strength, perseverance, love and support for others, and their positivity. When we’re feeling unmotivated, all we have to do is look at our #TIUteam hashtag and we see total boss babes around the world crushing their workouts and goals with so many challenges going on in their own lives. It‘s truly inspiring.

Your audience is also very diverse. How do you construct your workouts to apply to both young and older audiences?

Tone It Up is available to everyone, no matter your age or where you live. The fact that you can do our workouts on our Studio Tone it Up app at home, in a dorm, at a gym, outside, or anywhere in the world, unites women! Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, a student, or any profession, you can do TIU. It‘s pretty awesome.

What do you love most about your body as it is right now?

We love our bodies for it‘s ability to move and recover. It‘s amazing how much a woman’s body can do! One day we could be super sore from a workout, and the next we’re ready for more.

Our bodies ARE amazing! Thank you, ladies!

You can watch the full workout from the event here. I especially liked the “booty pretzel” move. That was a new one for me!

Quick tip from TIU: If you’re feeling like you need a moment of calm to relieve stress or connect to your breath, try this single leg down dog (pictured above). Not only does it help calm the brain, but it works the shoulders, triceps, chest, booty, thighs, and lower back. Shift forward into a plank with your back leg lifted, and return to single leg down dog position.

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Event Images: Kohl’s x Studio Tone It Up Event Getty Images (Getty Images/Emma McIntyre)