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I’m often asked, “What do I do with my crystals?”

I use crystals so frequently that it’s easy for me to overlook this very important first-step question when it comes to living with crystals.

I like to take influence from how crystals were used in ancient times. In various cultures, crystals were used for specific purposes, like protection during war, safe travels to the other side after death, and enhancing health. They were sometimes even a symbol of status and rank depending on where you were located in the world, like Cleopatra and her affinity with lapis lazuli.

I look at these influences with a modern lens and try to adapt how they may fit into my life. The most predominant way I use my crystals are as daily amulets to stimulate my personal awareness, reminding myself of large or small goals I am working toward.

For example, if I am working with a strict deadline, or I need to generate new story ideas for work, I’ll reach for what I call career stones, like goldstone, jet, pyrite and citrine. These crystals have characteristics such as motivation, leadership, manifestation and business luck associated with them. I might keep these crystals in my pocket while I’m working, or on my desk next to my laptop.

If I’m speaking to a large audience and I want to embody trust, promote eloquent speech, and feel confident in my communication skills, I may tuck carnelian or tiger’s eye in my pocket while I’m talking. And with just one nervous hand in my pocket, I’m reminded that I have crystal support on my side. The crystal in my pocket is helping influence my energy system in a positive way that aligns with my goal, whether I even remember it’s in my pocket or not.

In some cultures, crystals were (and still are!) used frequently to rebalance energy within the body. Depending where the block or discomfort in the body is energetically, a specific crystal may be placed on the body’s corresponding area.

Considering the Law of Resonance helps to understand how this is possible.

Everything that exists vibrates at its own unique frequency. Even though it’s trendy to talk about our vibes – vibes are actually a little more scientific than we realize. A person or object’s vibrations/energy that it emits has the ability to influence the other vibrating things in its surroundings.

If you and your friend have two different moods, and you occupy the same space, one of you may influence the other with the vibration you are emitting. Or by just being you altogether because of your own unique vibe.

I’m also often asked, “But aren’t crystals just – rocks?”

Yes, but what makes a rock, a rock? And who’s to say that a rock isn’t special? Like you and I, a rock has its own unique vibration, too.

And, rocks are some of the oldest things on our planet.

Just like how a single thought can project its own frequency, altering other frequencies – or vibrations – the Universal Law of Resonance applies to a crystal as well.

A crystal – also with its own unique vibration – can influence your energy the same way a pal might when it takes up space with you. This influence can shift you mentally, emotionally and sometimes physically, too.

If my body is out of whack somewhere – maybe I’m feeling overwhelmed with too much on my plate – I need to think about how I may solve what is out of balance. I need to practice self-awareness, and try to tap into where I sense this lack of balance in my physical body to help me recalibrate it.

I always remind myself that a crystal can shift my vibration, and so I need to consider what I’m comfortable shifting in to. Any object that shares space with me can shift my vibration. The reason a crystal is a good choice to use is because of the characteristics it holds.

the body book - the longevity book - cameron diaz

For example, here are three different ways a person may approach these feelings of overwhelm:

Person #1 may want to improve the imbalance in how she communicates. She may reach for a crystal that helps her ask for help in removing some of the things on her plate. A communication stone, or stone for strength worn around the neck (because of where her voice box is) could help her find balance.

Person #2 may want to improve her stamina and vitality so she can power through completing everything on her plate. She may reach for a crystal that helps bring her added energy and exuberance, like galaxite or onyx. She may place these stones on her desk while she works.

Person #3 may feel that clarity and focus would help her deal with her feelings of overwhelm. Perhaps she would rather feel alert and in control of her thoughts than the previous examples. She may reach for fluorite, galena or quartz. Before sitting down to work on her tasks, she may take 10 minutes to meditate with one of these crystals on her head to help clear and organize her mind, and move her into a more focused state.

Once you determine how you might help yourself, and you decide what vibration you want to shift into, choosing a crystal to keep on or around you becomes easier.

You can keep a crystal in your pocket, keep it in a specific location so whenever you share space with the crystal it influences you, or you can wear it as a status symbol just like Cleopatra.

When I see someone on the street wearing a crystal around her neck or on her finger, her status or rank in modern society may not be what it was in Ancient Egyptian times, but that crystal is a symbol within the crystal community. It tells me that she aspires to achieve personal wellness and improve her self-awareness – whether I talk to her or not.

My top ways to use crystals are:

– worn or kept on you as a personal amulet to help with a goal/problem
– kept in an area of the home to shift the energy of the space
– during meditation to shift your awareness for the day

In order to use crystals effectively, it helps to understand how they work. When you share space with a crystal, it can shift your mental, emotional and even physical state. The Universal Laws below are a great launching point to determine how working with a crystal might fit into your life.

Law of Vibration

Whether we can see it or not, anything that exists in our entire universe can be broken down into its purest form of energy or light. Every thing in our world will resonate at its own unique vibratory frequency – or pattern.

Law of Resonance

The Law of Resonance determines exactly what it is you will attract into your life based on what vibration you are projecting out into the world.

Law of Attraction

Propelling off these previous laws, the Law of Attraction is the belief that if you focus on positive or negative thoughts, you’ll also attract positive or negative experiences into your life.

Thank you, Vanessa! We hope this information can further guide you on your crystal journey. For more information, read these posts from Vanessa: 5-Step Crystal Ritual to Protect Your Energy, 10 Crystal Commandments, and 4 Crystals for Anxiety

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