Lift, Tone, and Resist: Muscle Building Workout

You guys all know by now that when it comes to workouts I’m all about getting the most bang for my buck! This little burner will take you under thirty minutes and have you working multiple muscle groups for maximum results.

I love doing a quick workout like this when I’m in between shifts at the hospital or am stuck inside on a rainy day.

What You’ll Need

Grab a pair of hand weights, a resistance band, and a stop watch or timer. I like to use the Seconds app on my phone so it doesn’t interrupt my music and I don’t have to keep looking at it.


I recommend doing each move for one full minute and repeating this circuit three times for a great thirty minute burner! Just remember, DON’T GIVE UP!

• V-W Press
• Band Curtsies
• Squat to a straight arm press with calf raise
• Plank jacks with resistance band
• Marching Tricep Dips
• Rotating knee crunch with weights
• Plié squat with uppercut punches
• Tap outs with rotator cuff
• Tap back with back press
• Football Runs

Below you’ll find each exercise explained along with a photo show the move.


1. V-W Press

You can do this exercise standing straight up or in a squat for an added challenge and extra burn. Start holding a weight in each hand, holding arms in the shape of a “W”, as pictured, then raise arms straight up to a “V” shape and back to the “W”, repeat for the full minute.

2. Band Curtsies

Hold weights to chest or drop them if it’s too much. While keeping hips and eyes square facing forward, alternate legs in a curtsy position while keeping resistance band tight. You will not have as much range of motion with the band on but should feel a little extra burn!

3. Squat to a straight arm press with calf raise

Start off in a low squat with feet hip’s distance apart. Keep arms at ninety degree angles as pictured, as you come out of the squat stand up and straighten arms. Don’t stop once you’re standing, continue to go to your tip toes and complete the move with a calf raise.

muscle_workout_bodybook_ourbodybook_CameronDiaz muscle_workout_bodybook_ourbodybook_CameronDiaz
4. Plank jacks with resistance band

Start in a plank position on the ground. Eyes looking slightly in front of you, shoulders in line with wrist and core tight. For the full minute complete a jumping jack motion with your legs working against the resistance of the band.

5. Marching Tricep Dips

These are amazing! Instead of doing a traditional tricep dip, add a march as pictured alternating legs each time you dip down. Adjust hips between arms for what’s comfortable. Take a five second rest if needed then get right back up and keep going!

6. Rotating knee crunch with weights

Standing straight up with weights at chest begin to march in place, as you march turn your torso and eyes over the knee that’s lifted, as pictured, while keeping your hips square. Really focus on working your oblique muscles. Goodbye love handles!

7. Plié squat with uppercut punches

A plié squat means your feet are wider, you sink your butt low and your toes are in line with knees but pointed outward. Stay in this position and alternate upper cut punches. Drop your weights if they get too heavy but at least give the first set a try with weights.

8. Tap outs with rotator cuff

Stand tall with a slight bend in knees, keep your elbows locked into your sides and as you alternate tapping each leg out to the side open and close your arms as pictured.

9. Tap back with back press

Similar to the exercise above except for this one tap back and squeeze your glutes instead of tapping out to the side. Keep elbows locked into side, same as above, but open up to a back press with each tap back, as pictured.

10. Football Runs

Drop the resistance band and weights and finish your workout off with some football runs or some people like to call them fast feet.

You got this! For more workouts, try these: 5 Booty Sculpting Moves, 20-Minute Full-Body Blast With Weights, and Kettlebell Workout: 5 Full-Body Moves.

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Photography by @aubreygracephoto