Upgrade Your Soul Journey With Psychic Natalie Miles

Born and raised in the U.K., Natalie Miles is a psychic, Spiritual Guide, and mentor whose mission is to support your spiritual journey by sharing, The Spirit Upgrade. This upgrade connects people with their guides –their cheerleaders in the spiritual realm. Her goal is to inspire people across the globe to connect with their own Spirit Guides, so they can feel more connected, each and every day, and continue an upgraded soul journey.

After experiencing my own Spirit Upgrade session I knew I had to share Natalie’s positive energy and soul guidance with you. Read on as Natalie shares how each one of us can connect to our intuitive powers and Spirit Guides, advice for transitioning between careers, and learn what longevity means to her. 

When did you realize you had psychic gifts and how did you decide to use them to help others?

It’s definitely been a journey to get to where I am today fully embracing my gifts and helping others to heal. I never thought I’d be doing this as a career! I grew up psychic as a child and had my first interaction with my Spirit Guide at age 5. My main Guide appeared at the end of my bed one night to let me know she was here to guide and protect me.

But being psychic was always in the background growing up. I was just like any other kid working out what they liked, navigating school, relationships and trying to fit in. At 16, I went to a psychic circle with my Mum and it was there I learnt that I could give messages to others. I’ll never forget when I gave my first message to someone I didn’t know. Spirit kept showing me cakes all around her. Turned out her passion and gift was making cakes. It was a simple message, but a moment I’ll remember.

In my twenties I followed my passion of sport and films and started to work making sports films. Which turned into a ten-year career making brand films and commercials across the globe. It wasn’t until my early thirties that Spirit gave me the push to end my career in film and to use my gifts to heal and connect others to their own intuition.

Like so many women we’ve interviewed, you had a successful career in a different field before you created The Spirit Upgrade. You may have intuitively known this was the correct path for you, but what did this transition look and feel like in practical terms? 

Great question! So often we feel the need to make these changes quickly once we realize we’re not in the right career. My transition from working in film to doing this work full time was a gradual one. I wanted it to be instant, but Spirit had other ideas. I went from working full-time with one production company, to going freelance in film plus doing client sessions on the side. I then realized I couldn’t do both and that I needed to just focus on following my calling as a spiritual guide and psychic medium. This transition over 8 months allowed me to make sure I was financially stable and that I’d done the foundation work for my new business.

My one piece of advice is don’t force the change. Let it be flexible and unfold the way it wants to. Sometimes we can try and force it to look a certain way or happen in a particular time frame. Listen to what feels right in your body and trust that the transition will happen the way it’s supposed to.

You’ve said that “the answers you need are already with you.” Can you elaborate on what this means?

Yes, we’re all born intuitive and have gifts to connect. That’s why children are highly intuitive and see the world with open eyes. As we get older that’s when the blocks form around our intuition as fear, ridicule and making sure we fit in socially.

We can all access the answers we’re looking for in our lives we just need to start being open and creating space to receive the signs and messages. The easiest way to do this is to connect to our Spirit Guides. They are the gateway to accessing your intuition. I love to call them our cheerleader team in Spirit, as they’re here to help guide us, send us signs and protect us.

You’ll really start to unlock your own intuition once you realize you can interact with them and ask them for signs and messages. This will allow you to feel more connected. It’s easier than you think and the more you trust what you’re receiving it will help you get over feeling fearful too.

The first step in connecting to your Guides is to ask them to step forward. Our Guides have become so used to being in the background they need to be encouraged that we’re ready to work with them. Take 5 minutes somewhere quiet, shut your eyes and say in your head or out loud “ I am ready to work with you. Please step forward. I would like to receive your messages and guidance.” You will begin to feel their presence and just notice any feelings, sensations in or around your body.

many of us spend our lives stuck in a loop repeating the same mistakes over and over again. You’ve linked this pattern to unresolved issues we bring with us from past lives. How do you identify a problematic pattern and what’s the first step to healing it?

So very true. We can keep repeating the patterns of the past and working with past lives is such a powerful healing tool for us to realise the mistakes we’re repeating. If we don’t learn something from a previous lifetime the theme will keep repeating itself until we learn and do it differently.

For example, we can repeat themes around abandonment, worthiness, trust and acceptance. And the themes can show up in all areas of our lives from our personal relationships, romantic partners, business relationships to even our relationship with money and abundance.

The best way to look at this on your own is to start identifying the problematic themes in your relationships. Scan through all your relationships and start to notice when there has been a friction point with a person and what the theme was. For example, if you always end up dating the same type of person and the relationship always ends the same kind of way.

The first step to healing this is acknowledgement of the pattern. So spend some time journaling and looking at the themes that keep repeating themselves. Once you’ve found a theme that stands out, write down how it makes you feel. It’s good to get out our emotions on paper.

If you’d like to delve deeper into past lives I encourage you to have a full proper session where you can work with someone who can identify the past lives and help you release them. For me, it’s always an honour and a privilege to share past lives with others. If you’re open and ready to do the healing you can break the patterns quickly with this work.

You’ve just launched a new digital course, Get Guided, to help people connect with their spirit guides. Can you tell us more about it? 

I love Get Guided because it was completely downloaded from my Spirit Guides. They gave me the idea in a meditation and I pulled it all together in a couple of weeks.

Over the course of 11 days, I share all my top tips and advice to connect with your Guides. I lead you through a series of guided meditations, rituals, exercises, and activities so you can feel more confident in your intuition and use your guides more in every day life. And what I love is you don’t need to buy anything extra for it- you just need you.

I’ve received so many messages from people who have felt a greater connection to their Guides since completing the course. So if you’re ready to grow that connection to your intuition and receive the guidance, your Guides are going to show up. Transformations will happen!

You spend your days focused on healing others. How do you take care of yourself? 

As a healer I’ve learnt that I have to fill my tank up so I can hold space and work with others. Intuitively I’ve created rituals that work for me. My favorite is a Himalayan Salt bath with baking soda and my favorite essential oils. After a day working with clients and Spirits from the other side the salt bath allows me to reset and ground my energy. I’m always recommending salt baths to clients, especially if they are healers, in any type of service industry or anyone who overthinks before bed. It’s a great way to ground your energy at the end of the day.

what do you love most about your body as it is right now?

I love that my body is the vessel for me to do my work. Spirit uses my body to show me the messages that I need to share with others. It’s a multi-sensory experience and I’m in awe of how they work with me. The gifts of hearing, seeing, feeling and knowing the messages in my body always fills me with wonder, gratitude and love. Plus, since doing the work full-time my body has become very sensitive and I’ve had to change my diet to reflect that. My body tells me intuitively what to put into it now.

Longevity, helping women live longer, healthier, and happier lives is a big part of our mission. Since you believe you’ve been in human form hundreds of times and may be here again, what does longevity mean to you? 

Longevity is not just for this lifetime, but for our future lives. The work we’re doing to upgrade ourselves in this lifetime impacts future lifetimes and our soul journey. In each lifetime we have the opportunity to heal and upgrade our lives so we can be connected to who we are, heal the past and in turn feel a sense of empowerment.

Thank you, Natalie! I’m feeling so empowered by your words and I know our readers will too. 

Connect with Natalie on Instagram and head over to www.natalie-miles.com to learn more about the Get Guided Digital course

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