Beauty From the Inside Out: An Interview With Bobbi Brown


Bobbi Brown knows how to give women what they want. Her name is synonymous with natural beauty and she is a true pioneer in all facets of getting gorgeous.

Her ability to give women the tools to feel secure in how they and look feel has always up-leveled her artistry, and now Bobbi is applying her fresh take on beauty in the wellness space. Just like her initial Perfect 10 Lipstick launch, it’s relatable, simple, and pretty clever. Its beauty from the inside done Bobbi’s way—and I—like many women can relate.  

The same attention she placed into the development of her namesake iconic beauty line, is the same mindfulness she breathes into Evolution_18, her new wellness protocol for gorgeous skin, hair, and inner glow.

I recently chatted with the beloved beauty icon (and fellow Chicagoan), and I have to say her thoughtful daily practices will motivate you to re-think what goes into your body. Bobbi’s determination to always keep learning (going back to school to become a Certified Health Coach) and her philosophy on beauty for all ages is what keeps us wanting more.  Read on to learn how Bobbi is whipping up beauty in a whole new way—but with that same simple, fun, relatable twist that’s truly justBobbi.


Now more than ever, we recognize how beauty is impacted from the inside out! What can women do nutrition wise on a routine basis to help eliminate pesky, all-over inflammation?

What I’ve learned is that diets don’t work. Cleanses don’t work. Lifestyle changes that fit into your daily life are what work—and what you think about in your mind is what manifests in your body. In other words, always find the positive and your body will follow. That’s the message in general that I want to share, especially with women younger than myself. The simplest rules make the most sense.

It starts with drinking the right amount of water, because if not, your body won’t work correctly. Your inflammation then becomes worse and your digestion doesn’t work properly. The right amount is 8 glasses. It doesn’t have to be just regular water, by the way. Right now I’m loving hot water and lemon. Another simple point, getting enough movement helps with inflammation and helps your body works better. Just walking, for example, is amazing for clearing your mind. Look at what you’re eating. Eat the best food as you can. I’m not an advocate of processed food. If you’re eating something that’s not the best for you, make sure you really, really want it! It better be the best pizza or the best bread, if not just don’t bother with it. Eat primarily things that grow in the ground. A great thing to remember is if it grows in a plant don’t eat it. If it is a plant eat it. Changing our diet to the foods that our ancestors ate will help lower your inflammation. If you follow this principal, the occasional treat (that 10% or 20% of your diet) isn’t not going to bother you!

Many of us experience bloating in our faces and tummy. What beauty ingestibles do you recommend to help beat the bloat in these telltale areas?

I actually have a product that I launched around the holidays called De-Bloat. I made it for myself because I know the feeling. It’s designed to help you fit into that little black dress and move water retention out of your body. It’s got dandelion, folate, and green tea for energy that you simply mix in your water.

Water-based foods like cucumber also work well to flush out your system. And, for example, if I really want to loose the bloat, I make sure that I’m not eating any starches. Vegetables, protein, healthy fat, and a ton of water really help. I’m also a big fan of bone broth because its full of protein and collagens that really help your gut and its full of nutrition and vitamins.

We’re big advocates for beginning the day with a balanced ‘beauty breakfast’. What healthy and tasty breakfast options do you nosh on to feel satiated?

The thing that fills you up is a combination of fiber, protein, and healthy fat. So if you’re grabbing a toast in the morning, or a handful of almonds you’ll be starving. If you’re eating an egg, you’ll be starving. I like to grab plain (non-fat) yogurt and put almond butter in there—or nuts, chia and flax seeds for fiber and all those essential fats that help everything. Also the protein in Greek yogurt is the highest, so thats the best kind. Another one of my favorite things is to take the Greek yogurt and scoop some of my Afternoon Chocolate, which is delicious and tastes like a Mexican hot cocoa. It has cinnamon, pepper, chocolate and MCT oil and 5 grams of fiber so I make a chocolate pudding for breakfast that’s delicious and quick! Oh and the other good thing about this powder is that it keeps you away from the bread basket. I know it works wonders to curb that craving when I go out to dinner with my husband.

Your product line up looks amazing…and tasty! Which of your Evolution_18 products do you enjoy and look forward to the most?

Well, I love chocolate, so using Afternoon Chocolate is super easy for making hot cocoa in the afternoon. I brew hot water in my Breville Kettle, add my chocolate powder and sometimes I’ll add some organic whip cream, if I’m home. I always look forward to that in the afternoons! I also keep our Probiotic packets in my purse as they melt in your tongue. They taste like sweet tarts and resemble a pixie stick so they easily take place of dessert.

Overnight Vanilla is another one and it is only 60 calories. You can also mix it with water—it has collagen, magnesium to help you relax, Hyaluronic Acid for hydration—and turns off your sweet tooth. I like things that taste good so these products are my favorite!


We’d LOVE to learn more about your nighttime beauty routine and how you wind down to get optimal beauty sleep. What’s the Bobbi-approved skincare and bedtime protocol? We’d especially love Bobbi’s Beauty Cocktail for staying hydrated topically and internally throughout the night!

I don’t wear a lot of makeup anymore, and I gotta be honest since I really focus on what goes in my body, my skin is so much better. Mascara, blush and the normal things I still wear and I’m using as many clean products as I can right now. I take my makeup off with coconut oil and wipe it off with tissue. Sometimes I don’t even need to put moisturizer on because the coconut oil is so moisturizing. I then use the same coconut oil to moisturize my dry fingers and skin. And I also discovered apricot oil and it’s just $7 at the health food store. It hydrates better than any other oil I’ve ever come across. I like putting it allover my neck to avoid looking dehydrated and whatever is left over I put it in my hair.

What supplements do you recommend most women take that we probably aren’t getting enough of?

I think the important ones, at least for me, are B Vitamins especially with the all the noise in our heads and stress depletes the B’s. You need a Vitamin D especially when there is no sun. Fish Oil is amazing for inflammation and of course, a probiotic. I would say these are the key supplements I highly recommend.

What are three easy ways we can consume more collagen throughout the day? We’d especially love your tip for a great collagen coffee!

The great thing about collagen is that it dissolves in your coffee. I have a friend who makes her own creamy nut milks the night before and she’ll take a Nespresso Frother and pour the collagen, the coffee, and the nut milk and maybe throw in cinnamon and swirl it up.  And the Overnight Vanilla is another easy and tasteful way. I have that in the morning, too! A lot of people add it to the their coffee because it’s sweet—it has monk fruit so it naturally sweetens your coffee—helping you avoid that crash.


Join us in implementing Bobbi’s healthy hacks for escaping the “hangry vortex” and recharging our bodies and brains—because there’s nothing more beautiful than that! Are you in? Hit us up Instagram and let us know. We’d love to hear from you!

You can follow Bobbi along on Instagram as well on @justbobbibrown and @evolution_18.

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