Interview: Alisa Vitti, Author of WomanCode, Founder of

I am very happy to introduce you to Alisa Vitti, Functional Nutritionist, Author of WomanCode and Founder of  Alisa has supported thousands of women to take charge of their hormones through her proven protocols that create harmony in all aspects of life. Her down to earth writing, proven offerings, and personal journey have inspired countless women around the globe.

As soon as WomanCode hit the Amazon marketplace I read it cover to cover in two days and started following her suggestions right away. Alisa’s work helped heal my lifelong struggle with PMS and I am so honored she took the time to share more about her practice and personal life with our community.

Spotlight Interview: Alisa Vitti, Functional Nutritionist, Author of WomanCode and Founder of

Spotlight Interview: Alisa Vitti

Do you make time for meditation and/or reflection? What does that look like?

Before having a baby, I had a movement based meditation practice that I really loved that expands feminine energy in the body and enhances the connection to the body and intuition. I still practice this, but I also have found that motherhood provides a lot of opportunities for meditative states if you allow yourself to be present. For example, when I’m breastfeeding my daughter, instead of letting my mind wander about, I focus on my breath, and look at her, and enjoy deeply the embodiment of love in that moment, and let any thoughts that come pass on through and just tell them that they can come visit me again another time. I also find that I can do this when I’m folding her laundry, making her meals, or putting her toys away for the night. There’s something about the simple physical nature of these activities as a focal point that allows me to go into alpha mind and get my zen on.

How do you practice forgiveness?

With a lot of conscious awareness and a lot of compassion for myself. I’ve realized that often times for me, the things I’m upset about in others are simply a reflection of the ways I’m being critical of myself or judging myself harshly. So I use situations where I find myself upset with someone or a situation that involves someone else, and I lovingly walk myself up to that energetic mirror and with as much courage as I can muster, take a peek and see why my inner critic is running wild and see what mother love energy I can offer to love and forgive myself more. Now, of course there are situations that have nothing to do with that inner critic, and in those situations, I find it’s really liberating to feel the full range of emotions that the situation creates – frustration, anger, injustice and share those feelings. And in honoring my emotions, I’m able to get into a space to forgive the other person much more easily.

What is the philosophy behind how take care of yourself?

I practice cyclical self-care based on the 4 phases of my cycle.  I have termed this Cycle-Syncing TM. I eat, exercise, work, rest, socialize, even have sex differently each week of the month based on where I am in my cycle. 

I do this for 3 reasons: 

1 // It is the only way I have found that allows women to optimize their health because it is a diet and lifestyle structure that takes our hormonal fluctuations into account and therefore keeps them balanced and us symptom and suffering free – when it comes to our periods, fertility, sex drive, weight, moods, energy levels and skin.

2 // It allows me to live in a state of what I call FLO.  Encoded in our essence as women is the feminine energetic archetype of creating life, creating something from the void, there is a 4-step process to how this manifestation occurs and it maps exactly on to our hormonal patterns.  As an entrepreneur, being able to exist in this state of the creation matrix allows me to create so many things in a short period of time, but also allows for serendipity and magic to support me in that process as well, so it’s not all push-push-go-go-masculine energy.

3 // It allows me to access my optimal creative capacity – by cycle syncing, I’m able to lean into my optimized brain chemistry each week and be more productive, efficient, creative, and happy all month long.

Spotlight Interview: Alisa Vitti, Functional Nutritionist, Author of WomanCode, Founder of

Who are the women in your life that you look up to?

I’ve been fortunate enough to be around so many amazing women entrepreneurs who are pursuing very inspiring passion driven businesses in the spirituality and wellness community. I’m also fortunate to be around women in the health tech start up community who are super bad ass as well. I also was raised by women who had immigrated from their home country (I am first generation) and I still am inspired by them. Each of these groups of women inspire me because they share something essential – the courage of heart to walk a path yet tread, the fortitude of the body to create something from nothing, and the willingness of spirit to flex and change as needed to thrive. These three elements are the foundation on which I stand.

How do you balance your family and wellness practice?

That word balance is such a seductive word that gives us just enough slack to really beat ourselves up on a regular basis, don’t you think? First of all, if it doesn’t exist in biology, it’s not likely to be practical even if it’s a nice idea – which is all that it is – balance is never reached for example in the body, in our biochemistry. Instead it’s constant observation, response, adjustment, over and over no matter what is happening. Even though the body would like always to be in homeostasis, it’s not. Just think about eating during the day – your insulin rises and falls, your ghrelin and leptin adjust, etc, etc – never reaching a “balance” per se, but doing what’s needed in the moment to be optimal. So I take all of my guidelines for how to practice wellness straight from the functionality of my endocrine system.

Second of all, I make my self-care practice utterly non-negotiable.

I have to eat, I have to move, I have to sleep, I have to cook, I have to spend time with my daughter and husband, and I have to serve the mission at FLO. My days are organized such that I work, breastfeed, cook, exercise, play, connect with friends, even read my favorite books (right now just wrapping up the last of the Outlander series). If our reality is a reflection of what we choose to focus on, then I serve myself up exactly what makes me feel good all day long. And yes when things “come up”  I never compromise on food and rest and moments for hugs.

Share three suggestions for new Mothers.

The first 6 months postpartum are critical for healing from the massive hormonal and physical undertaking that pregnancy, labor, and delivery are. Your focus should be on restoring your micronutrient levels so that your metabolism can get you effortlessly back to your ideal weight and so that your hormonal system can keep you energized and happy.

1 // Keep taking your supplements and eat like you’re an Olympic athlete – ESPECIALLY if you’re breastfeeding.

2 // DON’T DIET or over exercise for the first 6 months postpartum – it will trigger a host of hormonal imbalances that will keep you yo-yo dieting for years to come, can compromise your thyroid and adrenals, destroy your sex drive and impair your moods.

3 // SLEEP as much as possible, whenever possible.  Prioritizing your rest, will allow you to enjoy your new life.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever taken?

Just start. There’s boldness in beginning. Make progress over perfection. Everything is figure-out-able.

How do you strengthen your intuition?

I see my body as a divining rod for my intuition.

The more I live in partnership with my body and my cycle, the easier I have found it to be to connect to my deepest knowing and desires since that is precisely the effect my neurohormonal chemistry has. So – first I practice cycle syncing – observing, listening to, and responding to my body’s needs – keeps me wide open to receive messages from my inner GPS.

Second – prioritizing my pleasure is another way I stay open. By doing the things that make me feel good, allow me to move and be creative and even making sure I’m having enough orgasmic plateau time before climax all allows me to keep my internal channel open. 

Third – being in nature – though I live in Manhattan, I get to the park every day with my daughter.  And when I can, I venture outside of the city to the beach and the mountains for time in the sun and in the dirt.  If I ever have a backyard, I will 100% have an herb garden and grow all the women’s wellness herbs I can and luxuriate in the tending of that garden!

Spotlight Interview: Alisa Vitti, Functional Nutritionist, Author of WomanCode, Founder of

Any words of wisdom for women entrepreneurs?

I have the honor of being on the advisory boards of a few cool health and health tech start ups, so this is a subject near and dear to my heart as I’ve been an entrepreneur for the past 14 years. 

1 // Choose something you’d do even if you weren’t getting paid so that you love your lifestyle on the way to your first million. 

2 // Invest in your wellbeing, protect and insure your health with your self care practices as your company will only grow as fast as your health and mental clarity will allow it.   

3 // Grow Lean – You should be making money more than spending it – be aggressively lean about the way in which you build things so you always keep a great cash reserve to cushion you when sales occasionally fall short of projections.

4 // Prove Your Model – Raising too early before your prove your model will likely have you end up getting less money and giving away more equity.  Who you partner with should be more interested in your growth than in a quick return on their investment.

5 // Think about SCALE – how are you going to grow your business so it not only takes care of your customers more efficiently but also you!

6 // Find a tribe of other women to dream big with, and support each other and receive support – being an entrepreneur keeps you on a roller coaster and having a community of likeminded women is crucial to your long term success.

7 // Collaborate – find ways to do mutually beneficial business with other entrepreneurs  – rising tides floats all boats.

What impact do you want to have in the wellness community?

I want to be the destination for women in their 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s who want to fix their PMS, period irregularities, fertility challenges, and perimenopausal symptoms naturally. I want to bring women specific health issues the women centric solution they deserve and make it mainstream. I want women to finally know how their bodies work and how to care for them in a female centric way.

Tell us one thing you haven’t done yet that you really want to do.

I want to ride a horse! Preferably, on a ranch in Wyoming. With a cowboy helping 😉

What are you most grateful for?

Being born a woman at this time in this country. The freedom of opportunity that I have is more than most women in the world at the moment and certainly more than every previous generation.  I live every day doing my best to honor this opportunity. In addition, I’m supremely grateful for my body who has been my best teacher and guide, my daughter, my husband, and my calling to serve women’s health and hearts.

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