How to Stay Stress-Free While Hosting Holiday Guests

With the holidays comes the pure joy of spending quality time with family and friends, often those that live far away. For many of us, this is the best gift of the season.

How to Stay Stress-Free While Hosting Holiday Guests

However, when relatives stay at your home, especially when there are presents that need to be wrapped and party dishes to be cooked, it can bring on a flurry of stressors. To ensure that your guests have an amazing stay at your home without stirring any anxiety or negative feelings within you, follow these tips:

Limit the amount of days your guests stay with you.

Our homes are our sacred space, and it’s where we collect ourselves to go out into the world and be our best selves. As lovely as it is to have people in your home that you love, it also throws you off your center. Kids are also more wired and on edge because of the change in consistency and balance. No matter how much you love a family member, anything beyond three days is too long. If your guests are staying for a long time, help your friends or family find an Airbnb close by so they’re a quick drive or walk from your house. This will help with boundaries and personal space. It will also make everyone feel more connected and excited to spend QUALITY time together instead of feeling forced.

How to Stay Stress-Free While Hosting Holiday Guests

Spend a morning or afternoon prepping for guests before they arrive.

Vacuum, dust, and tidy up your space before your guests arrive so they feel welcomed into a clean, uplifting home; doing so beforehand will also prevent these chores from cutting into your time with them once they’re there. If you have a bunch of kids coming to visit, move your favorite glass vase or other breakable items to safer spots. And while you don’t need to provide full-on hotel services, it’s nice to provide a stack of fresh towels and a small basket of bathroom essentials for your guests (not to mention a mega pack of toilet paper). This will save you or your guests a trip to the store should they forget something.

Kindly share the guidelines for your home.

As much as no one likes to list out the rules, it’s much easier to tell your guests up front about what you’d like them to do (or not do) in your home than have to tell them after the fact. This way, you can save yourself from having to act as a disciplinarian and save them from any embarrassment. Once you have welcomed your guest and they have settled in, you can let them know if there are certain areas of your home that you’d like kept private or what they can help themselves to in the kitchen.

Gracefully say “yes” and “no”.

If your guests offer to help with the dishes or take your dog for a walk and you know that this will help you stay a little more calm and relaxed, say yes. On the other hand, if they should ask you for something that you’re simply not comfortable giving or doing, gently let them know. And don’t feel guilty at all—recognizing your own wants and needs and communicating these with your guests is essential, and you’ll all be happiest when you’re relaxed and having a good time.

How to Stay Stress-Free While Hosting Holiday Guests

Carve out time for self-care.

If you have guests over, there will be little sacrifices. Maybe you won’t make a breakfast smoothie because your guests are sleeping and you don’t want to disturb them or you’ll have to turn down a movie with your besties. However, that doesn’t mean that you should completely stop doing anything for yourself while your guests are over. Rather, when everyone’s settled and has everything they need, set aside time to take a bath, meditate, or journal. And if a yoga or spin class is your soul medicine, let your guests know at the beginning of their stay that on Saturday, you’ll be working out for an hour—just make sure they’re all set up with some cozy blankets + a cup of coco before heading out the door!

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How do you get trough the holidays stress-free? Do you find that your relatives add stress to the holiday experience?

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