How to Overcome Procrastination and Get Sh*t Done

Tricia Huffman is back to share how she runs her business from home with two young children by her side. It is a juggling act, but with these 8 tips, you’ll be crossing items off of your to-do list in no time. 

I have been feeling productive lately and that feeling is something I am super proud of.  Honestly, the feeling of being productive, may actually be better than being productive. HA! But do you know what I mean? Often times we are productive, juggling a bajillion things and just doing life but yet we feel like it isn’t enough. We get stuck in the should train and the comparison game, where we make up that everyone else is doing it better and doing more than us.

So, I thought I would share what have been my favorite things to actually getting shit done while juggling baby, toddler, home life, businesses, and more AND how I manage the feelings around it all!

My current favorites for getting it done are:
1. My new Get to Work book.

For a few years I used Passion Planners and absolutely loved them, but I noticed last year the layout wasn’t serving me as much as the days are broken down into hour segments and since I don’t work on a schedule right now it wasn’t serving me best.

I have been a big fan of Elise Cripe (@elisejoy on Instagram) for years (I actually found her because she shared my Let That Shit Go print on her blog) and have been interested in the planner she created, but the price is steep and I wanted to make sure it worked for me. She currently has a version  on sale that is halfway done (July2017 – June2018) and I AM loving the style and format for where I am right now. Seriously, I know I have been more productive since I started using it and it is actually helping me GET TO WORK!

I still use my I Will Notepad non stop and sort of use it to dump all the many things on and  then use the planner to delegate them into days or plot them into the week. I use a sheet for home and a sheet for business and more!

2.  The Miracle Cube Timer

I am in love with this little block. You just turn the block to the amount of time you want – 5,15, 30, 60 minutes – and get to it. It beeps when your time is up. Easiest little thing, but I swear it is so useful! (I am using it right now as I write.) It helps me stay focused and on task, since my time is limited and I’m surrounded by distractions (kids, emails, etc). Instead of putting things off, the Cube works with my mindset of setting small, obtainable goals (blog about that here). Set the timer for 5 minutes to pick up the house or allow myself to scroll social media before I get to work. Set it for 15 minutes and get your body moving for a little exercise. It works for me.

3.  Productivity Apps on my Phone

Praise technology. Seriously. Having these apps on my phone has been a game changer for me. Especially, when my baby will only sleep on me.

• Dropbox  — shared photo albums
• Google Docs  — blog, create shared docs with teammates, idea purges
• Google Keep  — create separate to-do and shopping lists
• Amazon — because i will never remember that thing I need to order by the end of day
• Kindle  — I thought I would hate reading on my phone. But again when under a sleeping baby and wanting some me time to relax this has been a savior! ( I always rent books from my local e-library digitally and then read on the Kindle.)

4. Meal Prep/Meal Planning

I don’t know why I resisted this for so long. It is saving my life. I love to cook. I love food. During the weeks I don’t plan, I end up looking at the clock and thinking, “oh shit what are we going to eat today?” I don’t need to be stressed about meals.

I don’t cook all of my meals on Sunday as some people do (read: 8 Tips to Get You Started Meal Planning). Here is what I do: I take a day to gather ideas either through cookbooks or Instagram accounts I follow. I write down 4-5 meals I want to make, what ingredients I need for them, and then take that list with my to the store. The Google Keep app is great if you’re like me and love paper and pen, but also forget to take the paper with you….

I often roast a whole chicken with vegetables in the same pan at the beginning of the week. I use the chicken for meals throughout the weekand use the bones for bone broth.

Another easy tip is to just make more of whatever meal I am making. If I am roasting vegetables I don’t just make enough for that meal. I will roast ALL the vegetables.

Favorite Instagram accounts for meal inspiration:

• @melissas_healthykitchen
• @thegoodpathsd
• @shutthekaleup

Current Favorite Cookbooks

• Joy McCartney  — Joyous Detox
• Robyn Youkillis  —-Go With Your Gut and Thin From Within (Get her Meal Prep Workshop FREE if you buy new book today!!)
• Megan Gilmore — Everyday Detox
• Nourish — My ebook cookbook

What your favorites?

5. Getting Exercise in

Even though I have less time, I have been making fitness a priority again because it does so much good for me. Yes, I am ready to feel better in my clothes, but when I move my body, my mood improves, I have more energy, my focus is better, my creativity is enhanced, and I crave healthier foods, which helps all of this even more! As a result, I feel stronger in my thoughts, goals, intuition, EVERYTHING, when I am stronger and more connected to my body. It’s amazing how much even a little movement does! We all know this, but hey, it is true!

After months of procrastination, I finally signed up for workouts on demand from LEKfit and I am loving it! They have full studio classes that are 50 minutes, but they also have short videos. Some days I will start a whole class and stop whenever I feel good. Sometimes that means the full 50 minutes, sometimes it’s just 40 or 20. There are so many workouts that you can do from home these days and I am freaking grateful! (Try these at-home workouts: Total Body Medicine Ball Workout, Tone and Trim Your Arms with this Tricep Workout, and 10-Step Muscle Buidling Workout)

6. One Minute Rule

I heard about this on an episode of Tim Ferris’s podcast during an interview with Gretchen Rubin. Her rule: if any task can be done in a minute or less, DO IT NOW. Do not wait for someone else to do it. Don’t push it off for later. Just get it done. It is a small thing to do, but it feels great.

For me, the key to productivity is to have small, achievable goals. Big goals keep us still because we don’t know where to start, which can feel overwhelming. So I break down my big goals into small achievable parts.

7. Change Your Outlook

Now to that feeling of productivity. My outlook changed after I changed my mindset. I now pay attention to what I did do, not the long ass list of stuff I didn’t. So even if I only mark one thing off of my list that day, I celebrate that instead of feeling shitty about the rest that is still there. Let’s be real, there will never, ever be a day when you get it ALL done. I mean yes, it is possible, but often as soon as we cross it all off we think of 10 more things we want/need to do. We are amazing, intelligent, creative beings that are always looking beyond the current moment. There will always be more to do, but don’t forget to acknowledge what you did do or you will never feel fulfilled.

8. Be Flexible

Be flexible with your to-do list. Often times I assign tasks to certain days, but I never get down on myself if I end up picking and choosing from another day’s tasks. Since I am fitting work and home life tasks in at random times and they are subject to interruptions, I need that flexibility. Certain tasks feel better at certain times and if I find a certain task being pushed off into the deep hole of procrastination, I put my miracle cube on and get to tackling it!

Finally, Danielle LaPorte’s method of connecting with how you want to feel helps me to not just get shit done but to remember what really matters.   Yes, I wish I got even more done, but remembering how I want to feel as I do it all keeps me grounded, inspired, and honestly sane (most of the time, ha). Check out her Desire Map Book and all other things here to learn more about it. (Read our interview with Danielle here.)

I have BIG plans for 2018 and right now all of these things are helping me to be and feel connected to all the many parts of myself and I really hope the help or inspire you also!

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