How to Get a Full-Body Workout During Commercials (Video)

How to Get a Full-Body Workout During Commercials (Video)

by Annalicia Lynn

Have you ever had a great time with friends ruined by the posting of a less-than-stellar picture of you on Facebook or Instagram?

This (almost) happened to me recently.

A few days after some serious fun with friends, I got a notification that I was tagged in a photo.

That’s always fun, right?! I was excited to see the picture.

But when I clicked on it, all I saw was a fabulous-looking group of gals and…me.

The mind chatter began…

Oh my God! That’s how I looked in that outfit?! I swore I was tanner and my curves didn’t look like lumps. I wish I could blame it on the lighting, but I can’t! Everyone else looks so great. Someone’s got to delete this picture…like, right now! I’m going to un-tag myself. 

Just as I was about to text my friend to delete the post, it hit me: I was letting this picture ruin an otherwise great day.

I was giving all my power to feel good away. And, to what? A picture. Silly.

In that moment, I decided to change my mind chatter…

You feel upset about this right now. That’s okay. The true solution has nothing to do with un-tagging yourself or deleting the picture, though. 

Annalicia, this is about you remembering that you can chose kindness towards yourself…even when you take unflattering pictures. You’re not a problem to be fixed. This is not a ‘before’ photo. You deserve to feel good NOW. You don’t have to wait until you buy a cuter outfit or until you post a flattering photo. 

Then, I did what I always do when I…

• Feel lousy
• Want to feel better
• But don’t know how

…I hopped on my mat.

I brought myself through a few simple, but powerful breathing exercises. Then, did about 20 minutes of power yoga, a few Pilates ab exercises, and ended with a couple gentle stretches.

When I was done, just 30 minutes later, I felt like a different person. Nothing had changed with the photo, but I definitely felt better.

I had regained my composure, confidence, and clarity.

The whole thing reminded me: we have a lot of power to change how we feel, we just need to have the right ‘tools’ handy.

Yoga and Pilates are my two primary, better-feeling ‘tools’. They’ve changed everything for me.

• I used to hate exercise. Now, I look forward to it.
• I used to hate my body. Now, I appreciate it. (Most days.) 😉
• I used to struggle with a lack of confidence and an abundance of anxiety. Now, I know how to cope.
• I used to think ‘healthy’ meant being a certain shape or size, depriving myself of things I loved and constantly beating myself up. Now, I know it’s simply about building habits that make me feel good. (And letting the rest, like rockin’ it in a dress, be a fun ‘side effect’.)

We all have a ton of legitimate reasons to not fit in a workout.

• I’m crazy busy.
• I’m a hot mess.
• I’m tired when I get home from work.

But movement is powerful. It’ll not only skyrocket your health, but also your happiness.

That’s why I want to make it easy for your to squeeze a super-effective, full-body workout into your crazy-busy schedule, without having to sacrifice other things you love…like watching your favorite TV show.

I think you’re going to love this Pilates video!


This video can be done from start to finish, as a regular, full-length (30-minute) Pilates practice. Or, you can split the 3ish-minute parts up to get a full-body workout while you watch TV. Each time a commercial comes on, hit mute on the TV and join me on the mat! 🙂

Annalicia Lynn is a yoga & Pilates instructor, health coach, writer, speaker, and founder of With 10+ years of teaching experience and a life’s journey of lessons to share, she guides women on their path to achieving the lives & bodies they’ve always wanted – on terms rooted in deep self-understanding and self-care. For more from Annalicia, drop by and wave hello on Facebook and Instagram­!