Hit the Bleachers with this Stairs and Track Workout

Warmer weather has finally made it’s way to us here in the midwest so last thing I want to do is hit the gym and be stuck indoors. I love exercising outside, feeling the sun on my face, and breathing fresh air. I also find it’s easier to squeeze in a workout anywhere and anytime! This routine will also be great for moms that have kids in sports or have some downtime at a school. Downtime doesn’t have to equal missed time.

Being at a track just has a feeling of athleticism associated with it so it gets you in the right frame of mind right away. Even if you live in the smallest of towns there is probably some kind of school so more than likely you can find a track. Change it up and hit the bleachers, it’s time to sweat!

1 // Start with a run/walk warm-up around the track. This is going to vary based on your endurance and how much you exercise but get your blood pumping and warm up with a walk, jog or run.

the body book - cameron diaz

Start off jogging or running a minute then walking a minute, increase your jog or run to two minutes, then walk a minute then jog three minutes, walk one minute and so on. Modify based on your ability but try to get 20-30 minutes of cardio in at the beginning.

2 // Hit the bleachers for push-ups and tricep dips.

the body book - cameron diaz

Attempt 3 sets of 15 push-ups

To make the push-ups easier keep your upper body elevated (as pictured below), to make it harder keep your feet on a higher step with your head facing down so your feet are higher than your head.

Same for tricep dips, attempt 3 sets of 15

There is not a lot of modification for these, make sure elbows stay tucked in close to sides and you aren’t straining your neck

3 // We can’t forget abs!

the body book - cameron diaz

Sit on one of the bleachers with legs extended straight in front of you, crunch your legs into your chest and then extend straight back out. If you are more advanced try for a boat position, from yoga. If you’re just starting out you can grip the bench for support and just focus on keeping your chest lifted and the leg extension.

4 // Stairs

the body book - cameron diaz

Our track workout wouldn’t be complete without a little run on the stairs. Take any variation you want on this one, a walk, jog or run but try to move consistently for at least ten to fifteen minutes. For an added challenge or if you’re looking for something low impact at every step do a lunge. You can also take the steps two at a time if needed.

Whether you live in a warm climate state or not it’s important to change up your workout routine to keep your mind and muscles guessing. Variety is the spice of life so take your sweat sesh to a new location and bask in the glow of change. I can promise you won’t regret it!

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