Hair Talk With Celebrity Hairstylist Sunnie Brook

Let’s be real. I swear as I’m typing this I just found a random hair strand on my keyboard. How thoughtful of this little stray sucker to give me such a nice lead-in for this story, and yet “a big no thanks” for encroaching on any space that’s not the top of my head.

So here comes the age-old question—what’s normal hair loss and what’s not? And why does it seem like we are all collectively noticing an inordinate amount of loose strands these days?

Well, instead of hosting another small pity party over more uninvited strands on our hairbrush, we started a dialogue with a celebrity beauty pro to help put hair woes to rest—and motivate us all to educate ourselves and take action when it comes to our scalp

Today we stop sprouting additional grey hairs worrying about what could be natural shedding and get real with important hair facts we all should know. Read on while I chat with trusted hair guru, Sunnie Brook, to get the low down on hair fall out and how to fortify those strands!

Sunnie Brook | Hairstylist
MARITZA BUELVAS: What are the top reasons why one’s hair may be falling out?

SUNNIE BROOK: Internally it can health, diet, hormone or stress related issues. Externally, it can be caused by blow dryers and irons that don’t protect your hair from heat. Over processed hair that has been bleached and colored continually can also become damaged and lead to loss.

MB: What type of hair loss is irreversible and what kind be grown back?

SB: Hair loss caused by health issues is of the most concern, because sometimes there is nothing you can do. But for the most part, taking a hair supplement or being educated on the right haircare products and tools can over time lead to having healthy hair that is strong and full bodied.

MB: What’s considered normal fallout and what are signs for concern?

SB: You loose about about 50-100 strands per day which is normal. If you haven’t washed your hair for a couple of days and feel like when you do there is a lot of hair, that could just be because it has accumulated from the past few days. The time to be concerned is if you are seeing more of your scalp, especially in specific areas on your head, then previously before or during the styling process you are able to pull on your hair easily and it breaks or falls out in clumps (of 15 hairs or more).

MB: What steps can readers follow to avoid further hair loss? What shampoos and serums do you recommend?

SB: The first step to having healthy hair is having a healthy scalp. Making sure you take care of that part of your beauty routine is really important. I think people forget that the skin on your head is just as important as the skin on your face. I recommend the Head & Shoulder line of shampoo and conditioners to my clients (especially if they are concerned about loss) to use on a regular basis. It is like an insurance for their scalp and it also keeps hair from having product buildup which can cause you to over style your hair. For the mid shaft to ends I suggest doing a weekly hair mask. Apply it on your hair dry before you hit the shower so it absorbs more of the product. I use Leonor Greyl’s hair masks and Christophe Robin’s prickly pear mask. On the daily, if you tend to have dry hair and its brittle from heat or color damage, use Reverie Milk anti frizz serum. It’s mostly essential oils in a cream form that works for all hair types and nourishes your strands over time without making it greasy or leading to yellowing your blonde like some serums or oils do.


MB: What advice can you offer for growing and strengthening one’s current head of hair?

SB: Stress less and find ways to be more zen in your life and beauty routine! Your hair and your nails are an outgrowth of what is happening inside. Most men and women don’t know that every 7 years your skin and hair goes thru a change too so you will need to adjust your styling routine depending on what changes you are seeing.

If you are trying to grow your hair out, give your hot tools a break and opt for a sleek chignon, or braid with a little leave in conditioner or mask on the ends. If you are someone who loves getting their hair colored, try and just do the roots instead of applying the hair color all over. It will help your ends to not have repeated application which can lead to brittle ends that break easily.

Another trick is to brush your hair with a nice boar brush before you get in the shower. When your hair is wet it stretches more and can lead to more breakage. Also your drain won’t get so clogged from those normal loss strands.

MB: What vitamins, supplements, and natural foods help with overall scalp health to reduce hair loss?

SB: Biotin and fish oil are great additions to your diet that can help the condition of your scalp and your hair.

MB: Let’s talk about the art of brushing and shampooing our hair. Can you offer specific advice on quality hair brushes to consider using and how often one should really be brushing their hair? Is it normal to be seeing loads of strands on the hairbrush weekly?

SB: I encourage my clients to brush their hair with a boar brush. I love the large gold handled ones from Ibiza – so pretty and you will have them for a lifetime. Try brushing your hair before you get in the shower to avoid breakage to wet hair. How often you brush your hair depends on your hair type. If you have fine thin hair, then less is better as it is fragile. If you have thick coarse-curly hair, you might just want to use a wide tooth comb to get the knots out and do a real thorough brush once a week when you apply your hair mask. On average I would say 2-3 times a week. The key is to start with the tangles at the bottom and work your way up the strand so it leads to less breakage.

Have Hair Questions Of Your Own? Be sure to share them below and we’ll do our best to answer. Peace, love + good hair! —The Body Book Team xx

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