Get Toned Glutes and Legs With the Curtsy Lunge

Brecke Ure is a certified personal trainer through NASM and a certified group fitness instructor through AFAA. She has been teaching competitive dance at an award-winning studio for 8 years and loves to educate her students about appreciating their bodies. She is the mother of two, Cache (4) and Boe (1 1/2) and is expecting her 3rd child in November. She loves to travel and eat out with her husband, Matt (of 8 years). She and her friend Devrie Pettit started the Instagram account Purefitpurefood ( to help people with a real and practical approach to having a healthy lifestyle.

Hi Everyone! Today I am going to introduce you to the curtsy lunge, which is my favorite leg exercise! Why? It is easy on the knees, you can add weights to make it harder, it burns every time, and works 4 major areas: glutes, thighs, hips, and core.

Four areas that we all love to work!

How does it work your core? 

While you are balancing the foot behind your front foot you are engaging your core muscles and strengthening them. Hold your naval into spine the whole time to really give your core a workout.

So why should we be working your legs?

Strong legs are crucial for staying mobile as you get older, and squats/lunges are phenomenal for increasing leg strength. They also work out your core, stabilizing muscles, which will help you to maintain balance, while also improving the communication between your brain and your muscle groups, which helps prevent falls. Strengthening muscles helps prevent osteoporosis.

How to do the curtsy lunge

Start feet shoulder width apart toes forward, taking right leg behind and bending both legs. Make sure you can still wiggle your front toes. Go back to starting position and take your left leg behind and bend. Back leg is lifting while front foot is planted firmly on the floor. Try doing 20 on each leg. Need a bigger challenge? Grab hand weights and bicep curl while you are lunging.

As you can see you can do it anywhere. So give it a try!

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