Get Toned At Home | Full-Body Glider Workout

I’m a no excuses kind of person, even when it comes to my own excuses. You will rarely find me living in denial or trying to pass blame. How’d those extra five pounds get there? Oh, that was from too much wine, chocolate and a veggie burger last weekend. I face the facts.

People frequently ask me how I get toned arms or stay in shape and it’s mostly due to this no excuses lifestyle. Call me crazy to think you can get a workout in while the noodles are boiling, the kids are napping or in between loads of laundry, but this is my life philosophy. No excuses! Ever hear that quote, “we all have the same twenty-fours as Beyonce?” Well this girl intends to maximize every hour of every day and this little glider workout will have you doing the same! Who runs the world? YOU!

Have you heard of Gliders? These things are beasts.

At Home Glider Workout
I first learned about Gliders at my gym. I then remembered said Gliders for days, as I was the most sore I had ever been. This got me thinking that you could do these same exercises in your kitchen, or on any tiled surface. Don’t want to spend money on actual Gliders? Use a towel or even a plastic lid. See, told you I was all about no excuses. It’s free and your floor needs to be cleaned. Any other excuses? Perfect, let’s get started. Good talk.

G-L-I-D-E-R Workout

Every minute on the minute switch to the next exercise. Can’t go for a full minute? Take a five or ten second break then keep going. Let’s GLIDE!

G – Gliding Push-Ups

Start in push-up position with a Glider under each hand. Move your right hand out, lean to the right and do your push-up. Bring the right hand back into the standard push-up position and extend the left arm out, down into the push-up and continue to alternate between the left and right side. To modify do the push-ups from your knees.

At Home Glider Workout

L – Lunge (Curtsy)

Stand on your Gliders, or whatever you’re using, and alternate reverse curtsy lunges. All of your weight will be in your right heel while squatting on your right leg, left leg is behind and to the right and bent as if you were curtsying. Then reverse legs.

I – In & Outs

Start in plank position with a towel or Glider on each foot. Make sure to keep back flat, shoulders over wrists and eyes looking at the floor. With core engaged draw both knees into chest and then back out to plank position. It’s as simple as in and out!

If you need to modify try a mountain climber instead by drawing your left knee into chest with right leg straight back then switch, right knee towards chest. Speed up or slow down as you’re able.

At Home Glider Workout

D – Dips (and Jacks)

Some of the most stubborn fat for women is that muffin top area. This little exercise will have your obliques on FIRE! Start in plank position, Gliders under each foot. Do a jumping jack movement with your legs, basically out wide and back again in plank then while remaining in plank dip your hips to the right, back to plank and then to the left. Repeat that sequence for the full minute – leg jack, dip right, dip left and repeat.

At Home Glider Workout

E – Extensions (in Forearm Plank)

Start in plank position, keeping your Gliders (or your Glider substitutes) under both hands. One at time extend an arm forward as far as it’ll go and then return to plank and extend opposite arm. Keep shoulders over wrists and core tight.

Remember, YOU run the world! Share your workouts with us. Tag us #BodyBookFitness


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