When I think of fun, I think of those incredible afternoons in my kitchen making meals with my friends. Going for a hike in the early morning with a pal. Taking time to indulge myself and my senses. Taking care of your body is about discipline and effort—but it’s also about FUN.

So get out there, ladies! Bask. Revel. Relax. Enjoy the body that you’ve dedicated all of this time and attention to. Buy yourself something pretty. Read a wonderful novel. Take a trip to the beach with your besties. Watch a movie that makes you laugh so hard you pee your pants.

The FUN section is dedicated to all things indulgent and satisfying, from a stack of bracelets to a fantastic new face mask to that can’t-live-without-it mascara. Beauty insiders, travel junkies, and fashion mavens, take note: the best part of discipline is reaping the rewards.

– Cameron