20 Minute Full-Body Blast With Hand Weights


Since it’s been warmer here in the Midwest I’ve found myself trading in my regular gym routine for time outside. I’ve been loving my resistance bands, HIIT and tabata workouts and an occasional run or bike ride.

Here’s a quick little full body workout you can do outside or indoors and the only piece of equipment you need is some light hand weights. You will notice this workout involves using multiple muscle groups in most of the moves. This is going to maximize your calorie burn and make your workout super effective.

I don’t like to count reps so I use the Seconds app on my phone so there’s nothing to think about but do whatever works for you!

Full-body hand weight circuit
1. PliÉ Squat Series

You can do 20 reps of each exercise or set a timer for 30 seconds to a minute depending on desired intensity level.

Plié squat with punches (20 punches)

Start in a plié or sumo squat with toes pointed outward and knees over ankles. Make sure to keep your heart lifted and eyes looking forward. Remain in the squat position while punching.

  • Plié squat with calf raises (20 calf raises)

Start in a plié or sumo squat with toes pointed outward and knees over ankles. You can alternate calf raises, raise both at the same time (upward and downward motion), or keep your calves raised for the entire 20 seconds.


Plié squat with oblique crunches (20 crunches)

Remain in your plié squat while alternating oblique crunches. Keep weight behind leg, trying to extend each weight towards your ankle one at a time.

Plie squat with serving biceps (20 reps)

Stay in your plié squat. Make sure to check in and make sure knees are over your toes. Keep elbows locked into your ribs, with a weight in each hand and palms facing upward. Lift weights until both arms are at shoulder height then bring elbows back to your side, as pictured.

2. Floor Series
    1. Triceps dips with toe taps (20 dips)

Move to the ground in a seated position with feet flat on the ground and butt between your hands that are right next to hips. To complete your tricep dips you’ll want to focus on bending and extending your elbows. After you do one dip, then alternate toe taps as pictured. Think about squeezing your glutes when your leg is extended for an extra burn.

      1. Bridge lift with head bangers (20 head bangers)

Get into a bridge position, with feet flat on the ground, hips lifted and both shoulders on the earth. Take a weight in each hand and extend arms straight up to the sky while hips are lifted. Squeeze your glutes tight while you bend elbows to a ninety degree angle bringing weights to the forehead (hence the term head banger). For an added challenge alternate keeping one leg lifted while in bridge.

body-book-longevity-ourbodybook-cameron-diaz-weights-cardio-exercise-workout body-book-longevity-ourbodybook-cameron-diaz-weights-full-body-workout
      1. Marching Forearm Plank (20 reps each side)

Roll over to a plank position. Core engaged, head pointed forward and shoulders over elbows. Keep feet hip width apart. Alternate arms going from forearm plank to regular plank.

3. Cardio Series
      1. Screamers (one minute per leg)

Start with left leg forward, right leg back. Extend one weight overhead as pictured. In one motion bring weight in toward body and lift your right knee to meet weight. Go as fast as you can while maintaining your balance. Engage core to help with balance. Make sure to switch sides.

body-book-longevity-ourbodybook-cameron-diaz-weights-full-body-workout body-book-longevity-ourbodybook-cameron-diaz-weights-cardio-exercise-workout
        1. 360’s (one minute)

      Start in a squat position with knees over ankles and head and chest lifted. Reach down touch the ground then jump up and make a 360 degree turn, tap the ground and repeat.

      Jumping jacks or for an added challenge star jumps (one minute)

      If you can’t jump tap feet side to side and move as quickly as possible.

      And there you have it! A full-body workout using just one accessory. Let us know if you’d like more workouts like this. Try more of Cat’s full-body workouts here: Total Body Medicine Ball Workout, 10-Step Muscle-Building Workout, and 5 Pushups for a Full-Body Workout.

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      Photos: www.aubreygracephoto.com / @aubreygracephoto