4 Summer Plants for Spiritual Growth and Wellness


While the Spring Equinox gets us excited about the upcoming gardening season and warmer temperatures, the Summer Solstice welcomes gardening season in full swing. It’s the perfect seasonal celebration to use your garden’s victories (or in-season fruits and veggies from the grocery store) as a tool in your spiritual growth and wellness.

If you’re looking for a few mystical ways to celebrate the longest day of the year, look to your plant partners to help you energetically connect to the season. Below are four of my favorite plants to use in my Summer Solstice rituals, and how their energetic properties support the human spirit:

1. LEMONADE: Aura Cleanser

Serve a pitcher of freshly squeezed lemonade at your summer solstice party! Drinking fresh lemon juice (with a bit of water and sugar if you need) will help cleanse your aura, and prepare you for the next season. Lemon is a very powerful spiritual cleanser, and it helps remove negativity from your spirit while offering energetic protection. While sipping this fresh and sour bevvie, ask for protection to be cast over you for the entire season while envisioning your energy field glowing brighter with each sip.

2. POTATO SALAD: New Beginnings

Potato Magic is great way to activate on the solstice. Potatoes are hearty strong protectors, helping build strong foundations upon a new beginning – like the start of a new season with the Summer Solstice! If you’re looking for spiritual support while you enter a new phase, or if you’re coming out of a trying time, cook some potatoes as a side dish, and add a few supporting ingredients, like rosemary to enhance protection; onions to banish negativity; or pepper and garlic to restore healing and undo what needs to be undone.

3. RASPBERRY JUICE: Women’s Strength

Raspberries are deeply connected to the womb and female reproductive organs. They help strengthen and protect a woman’s spirit. Raspberries are especially hardworking during pregnancy, as they energetically support the mother and her growing child, connecting their energy together. Whether you’re trying to conceive, are pregnant, or if you need to revitalize your feminine spirit, pick, juice or puree fresh raspberries as part of your Summer Solstice rituals, and share a glass with your best gals.

4. ROSE BOUQUET/GARDEN: Activating Your Inner Mystic

A bountiful rose garden used to be a secret symbol that a powerful witch inhabited the home! Roses planted throughout the yard help to encourage a strong relationship with your spirit guides. But if you aren’t sprouting roses in your backyard, tap into this modern mystical energy by buying yourself a heaping fresh bouquet of roses as a solstice ritual to celebrate your sacred inner mystic. When the blooms begin to wilt, dry the petals to be repurposed and reused for your smoke cleansing rituals.

How do you connect to the changing seasons? Share your traditions in the comments below.

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