Finding Peace With My Growing Body

I still remember the moment at my first doctor’s appointment when I stepped on the scale and saw the new number, a number higher than I’d ever seen before. For a moment, I panicked. I thought, “Oh my goodness, I need to go on a diet. How did this happen? I need to work out!” Then I remembered, I’m growing a human. I’ve repeated that to myself a few times over the past weeks, “I’m growing a human. I’m growing a human.”

Finding Peace With My Growing Body: Pregnancy and Body Image

I’m now seventeen weeks pregnant. Last weekend, my bump suddenly ‘popped’, my boobs grew an entire cup size and most of my outfits are now either too snug to wear or completely unwearable. I’m spending most of my time in tights, athletic wear and sports bras. I guess it’s a good thing this is somewhat trendy right now?

Experiencing these changes is both invigorating and frustrating. I’ve never felt more like an animal because my body has taken over. My body knows exactly what to do, how to prepare and how to grow another being. It’s incredibly humbling because although we all get caught up in our own lives and tend to think we play an important part in the world, at the end of the day, we’re all the same – living, surviving and breeding.

Although I’m growing in size, my heart is softening. I’m falling so deeply in love with the pear-sized person in my belly that I have yet to meet that the number on the scale doesn’t seem to matter as much anymore. My body is growing a human. How amazing and miraculous is that?

The love for my small babe has translated to my body, which for the meantime is acting as a nest for my little one. I have a strong innate instinct to take care of my body, to feed myself the healthiest foods possible, to drink a lot of water, to sleep as much as I need to and to love myself for every growing inch.

I am starting to understand that after this adventure, my body will never be the same again. It will be slightly older, in age and experience. It may look the same as it did before but it may not. It will have served a purpose greater than ever before – creating, feeding and caring for a new human life. And to me, this is something to celebrate.


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