Feel-Good Valentine’s Day Note Cards

Feel-good Valentine’s Day note cards

As a kid, the most anticipated part of each Valentine’s Day was to see who was going to give you a Valentine… and maybe a little chocolate. It was exciting in grade two, nerve racking in high school, and then a little forgotten by the time we trudged on with our lives and entered full on adulthood.

Gifting your loves, romantic and platonic, a coy and clever little Valentine’s Day note is a sure way to brighten their day. We can all use a few more easy, light-hearted pick-me-ups these days, and what better time than to say it with a note of love and admiration on Valentine’s Day? Thoughtful note cards don’t need to be reserved for children.

Here are a few feel-good designs that you can print off and slip onto your officemate’s desk, in your little one’s lunch, or in your husband’s jacket pocket. Don’t forget to write your very own, personal message on the flip side, too. 



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