An Inside Job: 3 Tips to Help You Evolve From the Inside Out

“Evolve yourself from the inside out.”

This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot about lately. I’m not sure if it’s age, life experience, or circumstance, but I haven’t been able to get the quote above off of my mind. Last was one of a lot of personal growth and change for me. I hired a life coach at the beginning of the year because I knew what I was doing wasn’t really working and I needed an outside perspective to offer some unbiased advice.

Have you ever been there?

I had been climbing a ladder of achievement, crossing tasks off my list, and hustling on the daily. While there isn’t anything wrong with these things in moderation, they weren’t bringing me any joy or fulfillment and I wasn’t sure why I was even going at this pace.

While I am not claiming to have it all figured out, I did learn a thing or two over the last several months that have truly helped me evolve from the inside out and create lasting change. I know they can help you too!

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How to Evolve From the Inside Out

1. Think about lasting results versus instant gratification

Many times we reach for coffee, wine, or a chocolate treat when we’re feeling stressed or need a change. (Or maybe that’s just me?!) As much as I love coffee and wine, unfortunately they both only leave me wanting more. We lean on these for an instant rush of satisfaction, comfort, and distraction. However, what if we went to our meditation pillow or yoga mat instead? What I’ve realized is that moments in meditation or on the mat often provide clarity to whatever I’m having issues with. Next time you’re feeling stuck, take a walk outside, grab your journal, or hit a the gym. Think about choosing gratitude for all you have versus looking for something empty to fill you up.

2. Know that it’s going to be hard work

Just like a transformation of our physical bodies takes time, so does any kind of internal shift. It can be hard to put in the work to really nurture and feed your soul because the results aren’t as tangible as numbers on a scale moving or seeing your biceps bulging. This is why I’m really big on journaling. It’s documentation of feelings, thoughts, and circumstances that can be easy to forget. Start writing about small accomplishments and little changes you’ve noticed. This will help you to continue to show up, even when you don’t feel like it.

Try: The ‘Brain Dump’ journaling technique

3. Don’t quit on yourself

I’ve noticed that the second I get comfortable in my meditation and yoga routine, I stop doing the hard work on my positive mindset. Once the “I have it all figured out” attitude settles in I begin to think I can stop giving as much effort. Seems like a no brainer, right? Why would we quit something that is working? However, I know we’ve all done it. This is the sign that what we’re doing is working; so you must keep going! In the past I would slow down my efforts, but this year it’s been different. The more I give to myself and invest in my evolution the more I get back. I am confident this is where the magic happens. Just keep going!

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CAT GOLDEN started Nine Lives Health and Mind to help others feel like the absolute best version of themselves. She has a background in pediatric nursing and now does her wellness business full time. She does this through working with individuals and groups conducting weight loss programs, help with athletic performance, increased energy and mindset training. She has been a fitness enthusiast for the last decade and believes that where focus goes energy flows. Focus on gratitude and moving your body and watch how your life can change! (You can also see posts from Cat under The Resource Girls)