Embracing the BEing


Last month I took a huge step back on all fronts – commitments, obligations, meetings, phone calls, events, everything. Have you ever gotten so busy doing that you just keep doing more and more and more? This was me. If you haven’t been there then I don’t recommend trying it. I’m not quite sure how it all happened, but I basically kept saying yes and adding more to my plate without thinking about what was really in my soul.

I attribute my strong work ethic and drive to how I was raised. It’s forever been a blessing and a curse. I’ve always had too many irons in the fire and thrived, or at least I thought I did. On the outside it appeared I had everything together, was kicking some booty and taking names but on the inside it was different. What I was doing really wasn’t bringing me joy. It was a hard realization, but I had to finally admit I had gotten so caught up in doing that I wasn’t taking time to just BE.

I found myself really wanting to make brunch with a friend, get coffee after yoga or clean out my closet, but I was always too busy rushing off to the next thing to chat much less get coffee. And my closet? Forget about it! Everyone is different but there are usually some tell tale signs that you may need to slow down. I had no desire to pay attention to any of them, however, looking back I wish I would have taken a second to think about it.

Here are some of the signs I experienced and ignored

I kept saying things would change, but they never did (i.e. next month I’ll feel better, next week I’ll feel better but I never did).

Things that used to make me SO happy didn’t even make me smile.

I had little to no time for fun, jokes, or play in my life (i.e. mindset of “that’s a waste of time, there’s work to be done”).People would text me or when they saw me start every conversation with, “I know you’re super busy but…”

I felt super uncreative and unfulfilled.

Now time for the good news

I realized I have the power (and you do too) to choose! To powerfully choose what freedom, being an entrepreneur and living life looked like for me. After some deep soul searching I realized I was working so hard on all these projects chasing time freedom and financial freedom when freedom was right in front of me just waiting for me to grasp it. I had freedom right at my fingertips, freedom to just BE. The freedom to have lunch with a friend, freedom to enjoy a drive without having to be on calls, freedom to laugh, to sleep in if I wanted and most of all no one’s expectations to meet but my own.

body-book-cameron-diaz-longevity-ourbodybook body-book-cameron-diaz-ourbodybook-longevity-slowing-down

I will be honest and say this transition has taken some time and a lot of work. However, not the kind of work I was doing, this kind was even harder. The kind of work I started doing was saying no to commitments, more yoga, more quiet, more meditation and more resting. I have to say the time and effort was worth it and I feel so much peace. Ego is a funny thing and it’s something I have heard about forever but haven’t paid much attention to. Well, you better believe I’m paying attention now!

If you’re feeling burnt out, tired, or uninspired it could be time for a slowdown. It doesn’t mean you’re lazy or inadequate, it means you’re taking care of yourself! Remember that by saying no to some things that don’t serve you anymore you’re saying yes to things that do, even if you don’t know what they are. I promise they will come, and when they do it’s nothing but magical!

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