When I was young, every day after school, when my mom got home from work, we would catch up in the kitchen while we cooked dinner together. That dinner provided physical nourishment for our family, but it also gave me emotional nourishment. There’s something so warm and nurturing about being cooked for, and something so happy and rewarding about cooking for others.

That’s why I love food. Love to cook it, love to eat it. I love the hunger that tells me it’s time to eat. I love the green stalks in the garden and the simmering pot of stew and the dinner table full of friends and family. I love the burst of energy I get after a big kale and quinoa salad. Eating is so many things for human beings. It is survival, celebration, and tradition. It is how we share and socialize and get to know one another.

And meal-by-meal, it’s what’s ON our plates that will define our health.

Our EAT section focuses on the myriad aspects of food, from our emotional responses to food to the science of nutrition and digestion to our favorite recipes for chewy crunchy spicy glorious food. Nutrition is the foundation of health, and to my mind that means this: whole and hearty food that gives your body the building blocks of your health, energy, and vitality.

Remember: eating for nutrition is not about taking from yourself. It’s about giving to yourself. In the short and long run, it is more fun to love your food when it loves you back.

– Cameron