Easy DIY Healing Gemstone Elixir

gemstone elixirs

Gemstone elixirs are a great way to put healing crystal energy into the body. You can’t eat a crystal, but you can transfer a crystal’s energetic matrix to the matrix of a liquid.

Stones are often set out in water later to be sipped, or even dunked in the bath tub. Both are awesome gemstone elixir ideas, and both help the four subtle bodies (mental, emotional, physical spiritual) by expanding into the water, and then absorbed into the body.

While it can be trendy to have crystals in beauty products or even beverages, it’s important to know that there are a multitude of crystals that are toxic. You should always use caution when handling and using crystals, because many of them have high traces of copper, asbestos, arsenic and more.

Typically, the Quartz Family is a safe choice to use (Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, etc) in an elixir, but you may want to bypass any raw crystal, using tumbled stones to be safe. Some raw stones are brittle, or dusty, and you don’t want this seeping into your water.

Gemstone Ice Cubes

As a cool alternative, try adding your water-safe crystals to your ice cube tray. Stones like Rose Quartz and Opalite (manmade stone) are safe to add to your water. They release healing and therapeutic energy into your drink as the ice crystal melts. You’ll catch a little sparkle in your drink, and consequently load up on some feel good vibes.

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Elixirs often have crystals set out in water for 24 hours (and sometimes under moonlight or sunlight if you’d like to add that influence to your stones). This is to give the crystals time to transfer their energetic matrix to the liquid. Leave your stones in the ice cube tray to harden for one full day before use, to be sure you’ve given them time to transfer to the frozen cube.

Then you can drop a crystal charged cube in any drink to consume it’s energy throughout the day. Be sure to collect your tumbled stone(s) after, rinse them, and then use them again!

Rose Quartz is the eternal love stone, helping with heart healing, self-love and acceptance, and even in attracting romantic love.

Opalite can smooth out mood swings and help us discover our true selves. It brings your peace, healing and personal endowment.

Tip: boil your water before you put it in the ice cube tray; it’ll keep your ice cubes clear rather than milky or cloudy, so you’ll be able to see your crystal sparkling in your glass.

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