Dorm Room Workouts: LEGS

Dorm Room Workout | LEGS

Ah yes, we’re all back at school and the 405 is even more jammed than before. Wonderful. As a student you already have a lot on your plate with classes, homework, a job…it’s seriously never ending. I usually only have 30 minutes a day to dedicate to working out so if I don’t have to sit in traffic to do so then it is a GOOD DAY amigos.

I’m all about getting the most out of my time so I want to share with you some quick and efficient work outs you can do either on campus or right in your dorm room, house, closet duplex, library, kitchen, office, or…gym. THIS WEEK WE’RE GOING TO FOCUS ON:

| LEGS |

20 Pop Squats – Jump out into a wide squat and reach your fingertips towards the floor then jump back up to center (like a pencil).

20 Goblet Squats – Start by squatting all the way down with your feet hips width apart and your butt close to your heels. From here, keep your back flat and keep the weight in your heels as you push your butt up to the height of your knees (like a very low chair pose). Then bring your but back down close to the floor. This is a very small movement but keep the weight in your heels and your glutes will be on fiyyaaa.

20 Jumping Lunges – Los siento to all the floors below you, but our legs aren’t going to tone themselves. Get in a lunge position with your legs slightly bent then lunge so that both of your legs form a 90-degree angle then jump UP! As you jump switch the positioning of your legs so that the foot that was in the back is now in the front, and lunge again.

20 One-Legged Squats – Start with your left foot forward and put the top of your right foot behind you on your bed or a chair. Now just make sure you have a decently wide stance and lunge into your front leg, making sure that your knee does not go over your ankle! Go up and down 20 times then switch legs.

30 Reverse Butterfly Pulses – I just made these up as I was laying here. Do exactly what I’m doing now and lay down on the floor on your stomach. Widen your knees just past the width of your hips and lift your feet off the ground, crossing your ankles. Stay up on your elbows with your forearms on the ground as if you’re typing on your computer. Now, squeeze your glutes together and lift your knees off the ground. Keep your knees off the ground and just pulse up and down 30 times!

20 Step-Ups – Grab your chair or a bench and step up with your left foot keeping your right foot suspended right behind you. Then keep your left foot on the chair as you lower the right foot back down to the ground. Step back up and repeat for 15 times, then switch and only step up with the right foot.

Try doing these exercises back to back as many times as you can for 30 minutes, or for 3 rounds total. Who says you need a gym? You can do a killer workout from anywhere. Enjoy everyone !! I’ll be doing this too, prepare to be sore.

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