Dorm Room Workout: Full Body

Dorm Room Workout: Full Body

Hello all you beautiful people! I hope you enjoyed week one of workouts without even having to leave your room! Let’s keep it going this week! We’re going to have to get a little inventive, but that’s what makes it fun.

You’ll need:

  • 2 paper plates if you’re working out on carpet or 2 rags if you have hard wood floors
  • 5 lb weight or a book


50 jumping jacks – Start by getting your heart rate up!

Sliding Oblique Crunches – Get your plates or rags ready! Get in a plank position on your hands and place either the rags or plates under the balls of your feet. Now, bend your elbows and lower your chest towards the ground as you bring your left knee to the OUTSIDE of your left elbow. Return to the starting position then repeat on the other side. Go slow doing 10 on each side. Keep your abs engaged and your back flat.

Tri-Dips – Sit on the ground and place your hands behind you so that your fingertips are facing you. Then keep your heels together and your knees bent (allow them to be slightly wider than your hips) and push your hips high into the air. Make sure your hands are under your shoulders and begin doing tri-dips. The key here is to only bend your elbows to lower yourself! Do not dip your hips down towards the ground; keep them high in the air. Complete 20 total.

Alternating Tri-Dips – As soon as you complete the tri-dip exercise from above STAY IN THE STARTING POSITION! Now – bend one elbow at a time. This should burn but that means your muscles are changing! Good job you! Doing exactly what you wanted to be doing. Complete 10 on each arm, alternating with each rep.

Ice Skaters – Time to get that heart rate up again! Try to find some room where you can jump from left to right. Start with your feet together and jump over to the right with your right foot, land in a squat with your right leg and drive your left leg back across your right. Here you can either tap the floor with your left foot or keep it elevated off the ground. Then, push yourself off your right foot and over to the left side and repeat. Swing your arms with each jump like you are a vigorous Olympian ice skater to keep you balance and look suuuuper cool. Do 20 total.

20 Standing Side Oblique Crunches – Grab a 5 lb weight if you have one, or just a school book that weighs about the same as that (which I’m sure you are just so excited to read). Stand with your feet together and lift the weight straight above your head. Okay now, bring your right foot to the inside of your left knee but don’t actually place it on your knee. Now bend over to the right bringing your knee and elbow together in the middle. When you go back up let your right foot reach slightly past your left knee and do a slight side bend over to the left with your upper body. Repeat 20 times, holding the last crunch, then switch sides!

Burpee Jump and Tuck – Finish strong! Start standing then quickly jump into a plank position, do a push up, jump your feet to your hands, then stand up and jump and tuck both your knees to your chest. Then repeat. This should be difficult and it is meant to get your heat rate up to burn that unwanted fat and take care of business! Do 6 total.

REPEAT THESE 7 EXERCISES 3 TIMES EACH FOR A FULL TIME, FULL BODY WORKOUT! Turn your music up loud, block out the world and get it done! Get your sweat on then check off working out for the day.

Can’t wait for next week! We’re going to tackle abs like a beast.


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