DIY Mint and Quartz Toner for Clean and Fresh Skin

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Peppermint is a saving grace for oily skin. Its blast of freshness leaves skin feeling tingly, clean and fresh, and it even helps reduce stress when its scent is inhaled. If you’re prone to a greasy T-zone on your face, the natural antiseptic and astringent found in peppermint water helps to minimize oil production in the skin.

Peppermint water also helps to tighten pores, and soothe stressed skin. If you have those tiny blackheads clustered along your nose and around the outside of your nostrils, using a peppermint oil can help to purify clogged pores.

Our skin can become strained as the seasons change, or if your lifestyle has you jet setting to different locals with varying climates. Peppermint helps cool the skin when it’s hot and sweaty, and helps warm it up when it’s cold and tight, making it a dynamic natural ingredient to have in your home apothecary.

Crystal elixirs have been used around the globe in various historic cultures, usually reserved for classes of royalty. Clear quartz, a master healer, is one of the most potently healing crystals available in crystal shops. It’s also easy to find, and very affordable.

When using a crystal in an elixir, the healing properties of the stone are transferred to the energetic matrix of the liquid. When you apply this liquid to your skin, it also absorbs the energetic matrix of the crystal. Clear quartz is healing and purifying, making it a great choice for your DIY toners.

When making crystal elixirs, always be sure to use stones that are not water soluble or toxic. I recommend using polished stones where possible.

the body book - cameron diaz - diy toner

DIY Mint and Quartz Toner


• 100 ml amber bottle and mister (tinted bottles will prolong the life of your toner)
• 50 ml peppermint hydrosol
• 30 ml distilled water
• 10 ml witch hazel
• 8 drops peppermint essential oil
• 2 drops tea tree essential oil
• clear quartz (mindful of the stone’s width to fit in your bottle’s nozzle)


Add all the ingredients into your bottle, and shake well before each use. You may spray directly onto your skin before applying your moisturizer, or spritz a cotton pad liberally and swipe over your skin. Alternatively, you may drench a cotton ball, and leave the moistened ball on your noise for ten minutes to help loosen clogged pores that need extra attention. Discard after six months.


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VANESSA KUNDERMAN is a fiction author, poet, and avid crystal collector. She has published stories alongside Stephen King, Alice Munro, and Anais Nin, in “Woman, an anthology” a collection of works celebrating strong female dynamics. As a student of core shamanism, Vanessa advocates adapting traditions to create new modern sacred studies. She has a background in motivational speaking and teaches workshops grounded in her self-care and spiritual wellness website, Rogue Wood Supply. She is a mother, cancer survivor, and a lover of the True North, and believes smudging can fix almost every sour mood. She hails from the prairie woodlands of Canada. Connect // Facebook, InstagramPinterest, and her website.