DIY Flower Cleansing Stick

Valentine’s Day has come and gone and those beautiful flowers your significant other gifted you have reached their end. But it’s not easy to part with them is it? Read on for the perfect way to repurpose them…

An Easy DIY for Your Wilting Valentine’s Day Bouquet

Smoke cleansing is one of my tried and true rituals when it comes to chores around the home. Every time I do a deep clean or a power clean, I like to end with a smoke cleanse to energetically mop up any lingering residue within my space. If I’ve been in a sour mood, or my family is getting over colds, I always smoke cleanse our space to wipe away negativity and stale energy.

Smoke cleansing is a practice that has been around for a long time, though it shouldn’t be confused with smudging, a sacred ceremony performed in many indigenous communities that invites spirit to join them for their rituals. These two words are often used interchangeably, however, they are different. Smoke cleansing uses a variety of dried plants and woods to help cleanse a space energetically, removing bad vibes.

Sometimes, I find it dreadfully painful to toss away a once beautiful bouquet that has now wilted. With Valentine’s Day behind us, give your wilting florals some new life! One of my favorite ways to repurpose wilting flowers is to add them to purifying herbs and plants to make a smoke cleansing wand. And if the stems break, dry the flowers and add just the tips to a loose smoke cleansing blend. You can add your wilting bouquets to some of these items below to breath new life into them!



Here are some of my favorite flowers and herbs to burn.


Rosemary can give depth to a lot of recipes, but it is also an energetically purifying herb. I keep a pot of rosemary specifically for is cleansing properties! When burned, it helps remove negativity and promotes healing in the home. It makes a really good staple to your smoke cleansing wands, and pairs really well with wilting flowers.


The entire sage family is purifying and cleansing. White sage is a popular cleansing choice, however it is over-harvested and an endangered plant. Thankfully, there is an abundance of sage varieties available and all are amazing to burn. Garden sage dries really nicely and turns a powdery white color, while doubling as a great herb for recipes.


Dried roses are a great addition to smoke cleansing blends, and the dried petals burn really nicely in a loose blend. Traditionally, roses are a very loving flower to burn, inviting love and healing into the home. You can burn dried petals on their own, or add them to a few sprigs of rosemary or sage.


Soothing, healing and romantic, dried lavender is a great addition to smoke cleansing wands and loose blends. It encourages purification and cleansing of a space or person, and burns very well with others or on its own.


Like roses, chamomile is soothing and relaxing, and its sweet, honey-like scent lingers when burned. This dried flower burns better when it is snipped and blended in a loose dish with other dried flowers or herbs.



Do you repurpose your flowers? Tell us in the comments below.

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