DIY Feather Wall Hanging

It’s not very often I get super motivated to tackle a DIY project, but when I saw this feather wall hanging in my friend’s shop I knew I could recreate it and fairly quickly. It actually turned out a little bit bigger than I expected so I’ll have to do some rearranging, however, this got me thinking that you really can adjust this to fit any space!

This project is perfect for someone who gets a creative bug every now and then, but doesn’t have many supplies at home and who doesn’t want to spend all day on a project.

Materials ||

• A stick (I took one from my tree in the backyard) or you could buy a wooden rod
• Pack of feathers

• Any kind of beads (I used wooden ones because I liked the look of those)

• Leather String

• Hot glue gun

All materials can be found at any craft store!

Tutorial ||
  1. 1. Decide how big you want your wall hanging to be. I chose to do thirteen feather strands. Regardless of size, pick an odd number so that you have your longest point in the middle.

2. Cut your longest cord first. Determine the length based on how big you want your wall hanging to be and how many pieces you’re going to have.

3. Using the longest piece of leather as a guide, cut your next pieces. I made each piece at least an inch shorter than the previously one, as pictured.

4. Now it’s time to attach the bead and feather using your hot glue gun. Put a little glue into the bead (you don’t need a lot) and slide the leather into one end and the feather into the other. If anything seems loose add a little extra glue. Repeat for all of your leather cords.

wall_hanging_ourbodybook_camerondiaz_bodybook wall_hanging_ourbodybook_camerondiaz_bodybook

5. Next you need to attach each leather/feather attachment to the stick. Lay the stick down and put a drop of hot glue where you want to attach the leather cord. Do this the entire length of the stick as pictured.

6. Lastly, you’ll need to make a strap to hang your masterpiece by. I also used hot glue to attach one piece of leather, as pictured, for it to be hung on the wall. Again, adjust this length based on our space.


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