Designing A Space That Promotes Joy and Intention | How I Designed a Quaint, Inspiring Beauty Workspace

Designing A Space That Promotes Joy and Intention | How I Designed A quaint, Inspiring Beauty Workspace

In late 2012 with another baby on the way, our basement suffered a devastating flood. Feeling overtired with first trimester fatigue and a toddler at the hip, I fought the sadness of having to throw precious memories away and the anxiety of further-destroying our newly remodeled basement to prevent mold.

Taking a short breather, a moment of clarity hit. Why not make lemonade out of lemons by also re-doing my beauty studio and daily workspace? Yes, that would make me feel better about the situation and uplift my spirit. Not to mention, I’ve always been a girl with a plan.

With a family friend on board heading the construction, I literally sketched the vision in my mind and set out to shop for affordable (and adorable) finds that would provide a welcoming and inspiring feeling to both future clients and myself.

Designing A Space That Promotes Joy and Intention | How I Designed A quaint, Inspiring Beauty Workspace

The Transformation

My husband and I had been to Paris (for a little over 24 hours) the year before so I had absolutely fallen in love with stolen glimpses of crown moldings and whimsical chandeliers. I knew I wanted a Parisian feel for my new workspace, a tufted statement sitting area and a chunky fireplace (I could afford) — so I set out to score the three with a baby in my belly and another at my waist.

I was undecided whether I wanted to do the entire room in a deep sexy plum (inspired by one of the walls at the Tory Burch flagship store near the Mag Mile), or a lighthearted blush hue I had swatch-ed at the start of my pregnancy. When I found out we were expecting our second son, I went for the blush as this studio was going to be my personal girly oasis. (The deep purple did make it onto to the doors though for slight masculine edge).

Style Goals

I wanted clients (and all girls, really) to fall in love with the space immediately upon entering. I’m glad that I created a swoon-worthy space and have even managed to inspire very stylish women to think about re-designing their own spaces. I find the latter very flattering!

The room needed an area for clients to gather, a station for beauty work and a little office space for website design and my growing editorial work.

The Scores

I had a lot of fun scoring unique finds at Home Goods, vintage resale shops, Marshalls, Target, Ikea and Lowes. I made sure to not buy anything that looked overly mass produced or trendy. The trick is to never buy anything that reads ‘I got this at xyz.” My clients, friends and business associates are always astonished and comment, “You got this WHERE?”

What I Love Most About My Workspace 

My studio kind of feels like a tiny Parisian apartment. I LOVE the giddy feeling my space evokes and that it naturally lends itself to conducting workshops, editorial photo shoots and everyday computer work. I try to have aromatic candles from Anthropologie burning, Parisian Café music playing and fresh florals as often as possible.

I also love that I engineered crown molding where there wasn’t any. I wanted the space to ooze character and that called for some resourceful ingenuity. The crown moldings I selected are actually made of foam and wood trim that I laid out in a specific way (to make the space look longer and wider) under high-gloss baby pink lacquered paint. I still remember cutting and pasting blue painters tape all over the walls with my big baby belly, standing on a mini step stool. It was quite the balancing act…but so is my life.

Why My Space Makes Me Feel Productive

Being a Gemini, I get strong bursts of creative energy that I really like to take advantage of. Having a little bit of privacy is sometimes helpful when I need to manifest what’s inside. Working successfully in beauty is as much about business, as it is about skill set. Having a space that motivates and put things into perspective is pretty crucial. You are the person that’s most responsible for building your career — get centered, find your motivation and things will eventually fall into place. I certainly believe you can design your future by the company and surroundings you keep.

My Hopes and Dreams For The Space

Ultimately, I wanted to create a home studio that would work for me as a freelancing, working mom. The space was completed just before I delivered my second son. At that same time, I was starting to take on some web design, PR, and editorial work and I really wanted to take things to the next level beauty business-wise! I wanted to teach, design and write more — so I thought, let’s make the most of this space. I’m going to teach, write and do photo shoots in here. I don’t know exactly how I’m going to do it…but I know I’m going to do it, and that was good enough for me.

Designing A Space That Promotes Joy and Intention | How I Designed A quaint, Inspiring Beauty Workspace

Setting Intention and Giving Gratitude

I wanted to begin re-cooperating my personal interior design investment and really challenge myself creatively. I wanted to make the most of my skill sets — and due to some fearless tenacity and relentless hard work — I’ve been able to accomplish a few goals…and counting.

I love that my studio is in my home and that I can work remotely as busy freelancer. If it wasn’t for the bad basement flood, my current studio may not exist today and perhaps I may not be where I am now in my career. I’m thankful to have a space I can call my own and that allows me to get in the zone. I’m thankful for the challenges that led me to the mental and physical space I’m in today.

I highly suggest setting yourself up for success with a room in your home, or an inspiring workstation to create your best life. You owe it to yourself to feel like the inner #bossbabe you truly are!


Do you have a space you’ve created in your home that’s just for you? Share your experience in the comments below and if you’d like us to feature your space.


hair: maritza buelvas
studio styling: maritza buelvas
makeup: brenda arelano
photography: cassandra eldridge

MARITZA BUELVAS is a published hair artist and national beauty and style writer. She enjoys writing and producing national content for blogs, media and brands. You can find her portfolio at Connect with Maritza: Instagram // Twitter // Email