Danielle LaPorte Keeps it Real in White Hot Truth

Danielle LaPorte is a speaker, poet, and invited member of Oprah Winfrey’s inaugural SuperSoul 100. As a longtime follower, I have read my through LaPorte’s previous works, The Fire Starter Sessions and The Desire Map―the book that turned into a day planner and journal system, a top 10 iTunes app, and an international workshop program. Her stripped down honesty, love, and humor wind their way through these works, guiding readers towards self-discovery. In her newest book, White Hot Truth, LaPorte dives into an exploration of soul versus ego, as her spiritual aspirations and the compulsion to improve meet head on. Learn more in our interview below…

INTERVIEW | Danielle LaPorte 
Tell us about “White Hot Truth” and your motivation for writing it.

I was getting burned out on trying to be better. Therapy, and astrology readings, and cleanses, and self-help books (and hey, I’m a self-help author). And at the same time, I wasn’t going to stop seeking for answers to how life works, and how to manifest, and how to really love. And I craved, more than ever to feel really lit up. So I had to do an inventory of all the things I was doing to be healthy and spiritually ON. And I let a lot of it go. And I went deeper with what was really working for me. SO much deeper.

So White Hot Truth is about discernment –– of our inner and outer worlds. To see when we’re bypassing our own feelings, and when we’re falling for other people’s well-branded dogma. It’s simple and radical: It’s not how we work to be better or seek spiritual growth; it’s why. It’s about getting real so you can really connect to life.

You describe yourself as a seeker, but your journey for answers ultimately became a compulsion to improve. How were you able to reconcile the unhealthy reasons for improvement with your sincere aspirations to grow?

I’m a work in progress. Me wanting to be well, and be better, to be the best that I can be, to be healthy, to make a contribution to the planet… those things haven’t changed. That aspiration was always there and always be. But these days, I’m not trying to get “points” from any kind of spiritual authority. It’s not about looking evolved or looking to a cosmic counsel for approval or karma tracking. My inspiration is internal. I do what I do, whether it’s yoga or clean eating or using my platform to talk about kindness or the environment or politics… I do all of these things because they make me feel alive and useful. And feeling useful feels really… sexy.

In the wellness community we talk a lot about balance. Balance will cure everything. You describe this idea as a sham. Can you tell us what you mean by this?

Balance is a big myth. It’s impossible. I don’t know anyone who is doing great things in the world who is living a “balanced life.” And this ranges from powerhouse entrepreneurs to super dedicated moms. Greatness throws things off kilter. The problem with the balance myth is that we think we need to divide our lives into equal parts. Like… a third for work. A third for myself. A third for family. But sometimes, your work requires everything of you. Or you need to take a year off to just be in love and take care of your family. So it’s more about flow and priorities that come from your heart. You rise to meet your creativity and passion.

“A lie only has power when someone believes it.” What is the first step to not believing the lies we tell ourselves?

You need to fall for some lies to get your truth. It’s part of becoming more conscious. Everybody buys into some big lies along the way. The most common one is what I call the Lie of Inadequacy –– that we’re born defective, that we need to prove our worth. And it keeps us in a cycle of constantly striving for approval and acceptance In our jobs, in romantic relationships, on Instagram. To break that cycle first you need to get clear on how damaging that is, how heavy that feels. Just get really real about how much it sucks to always be seeking approval.

And then… tap into your core desired feelings. How you really want to feel. Free…connected…inspired…vital. And then use those desired feelings as you guide for making decisions –– do what it takes to feel that way.

So often we are influenced by the message of moving on. The past is the past, but you suggest “you have to love the you that you outgrew.” How does that help in the personal growth journey?

You have to Love the you that you outgrew. These are the disowned parts of yourself that are less “evolved” then you are now. You have to bring them into your heart and treat them like you would a sister or a beloved. Until you reclaim those unintegrated parts of yourself, you do not have your full power—part of you is out there, wandering around, looking for a Loving home or a rock band to belong to.

This is about tapping into our compassion. You have to get to see that, back then, you were just doing the best with what you were given. And you know, if we can’t laugh at ourselves, then we’re doomed.

We loved your crystal story. It revealed a whole side of the crystal experience we hadn’t heard of before. What is your advice for someone using crystals in their healing process?

Crystals are a technology. This is why we buy them, because they have some healing properties. But we need to get really mindful about those energetic properties. We can’t “sort of” believe in the power of crystals. If crystals can be “programmed” using our intentional thoughts, then they can programmed to give energy or to take energy. Very positive or very…negative.

So what I’m saying is just be respectful of yourself and of the mineral kingdom. Stones can be helpful and healing, for sure, but so can your own power and intention.

We know that people from all walks of life want to have mind-body health, but often these tools can be expensive. How can we help turn these blessings into basics for everyone?

Being active in the wellness scene has become a subtle status symbol…pricey green juice and yoga classes are out of reach for too many people. Making all of this accessible to more people is going to take seismic shifts –– from more conscious food production to more socially responsible business practices, and even education al systems. Mindfulness practices should be taught in schools, yoga should be part of phys ed. Holistic healing modalities should be part of healthcare coverage. Organic farming should receive more government subsidies. For mind-body health support systems to go mainstream and affordable, we need a revolution of the heart. From greedy commerce to conscious culture-building and love. It’s a monumental issue, maybe one of the biggest of our time. The first step is feeling the pain of problem –– and wanting the same comfort and wellness for everyone as you do for yourself.

What do you love most about your body as it is right now?

I feel light and strong and grateful that I get to haul my ass on airplanes and talk to people about doing good things in the world. My body supports my creativity.

Thank you, Danielle! Get your copy of White Hot Truth when it hits stores on May 16. Purchase it here and connect with Danielle on Facebook and Instagram.  

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