Crystals to Help Attract Romance and Love


Crystals to Attract Romance and Love

I seem to skip ahead to cozy clothes and evenings a little ahead of the seasons, and when September starts to roll in, I’m always eager to hunt down a pumpkin spice latte, wrap myself in a luxurious scarf… and spend some time locked in a serious romantic cuddle.

The autumn months, specifically the month of September, always does this to me. I used to break up with whatever flings I made over summer, eager to find a new romance to focus my attention on throughout the school year. And even when I entered the work force, September held a strangely romantic tone for me. It was cozy. It was romantic. And it was magical.

With autumn on our heels, I’ve got romance on the brain and it seemed like the perfect time to share some of my favorite romantic crystals to help supercharge those snuggle sessions so many of us crave at this time of year.


Crystals to Attract Romance and Love

Rose Quartz is a no brainer, because it is the love stone if there ever was one. And while it is super effective in drawing self-love to you, it touts a lot of properties that put you in a more receptive state to receive love. Keeping Rose Quartz in your bedroom, in the love sector of your room, helps to activate this romantic luck.

Your love sector is the back right corner of your bedroom. Standing in your doorway and facing into your room, find the back right corner of your space and try to place a piece of Rose Quartz here, in a way that is respectful. That means, don’t toss it on the ground, or on top of a pile of clothes, but in a space that says, “I’m ready to receive love.”


Crystals to Attract Romance and Love

Rhodonite is another favorite love stone of mine because it is an emotional balancer. Sometimes, our desire for love and romance can make us feel lonely or needy. These feelings of lack can do more harm for us than good, and can actually put us in a state that repels romance because we focus so much on what we don’t have. Rhodonite is supportive and nurturing and it can help bring back some of that confidence that may inspire you to find romance in a healthy way. It can help dispel any feelings of jealousy or angst you feel regarding love or the love others have.


Crystals to Attract Romance and Love

Garnet is a boss. It is supercharged with passion and desire, and is a great choice for those who are in relationships but have maybe felt as if a previous flame is now a cool ember. Quite bluntly, Garnet can be a potent sex stone, helping to fan the flames of attraction between two people. This would be a great stone option to wear in jewelry, specifically when on a date. Or you can keep a piece in your pocket. It helps you to feel powerful and desirable, and this energy can radiate from you! People notice that.

Garnet can be closer to a shade of burgundy than red, but a shard of Garnet that has a deep red color is sometimes called the stone of true love. They aren’t as common, but they aren’t difficult to find either. A rich red piece of Garnet helps to attract sexual and romantic love while promoting feelings of intimacy.


Crystals to Attract Romance and Love

Jade is a good choice if you are trying to rebuild the trust in your relationship. It can help to renew love, especially if it has been lost or missing for some time. It is very dynamic and great for many types of romances, including new ones. If you are in the early stages of a new relationship, Jade offers you strength throughout the courtship, promoting trust. It brings luck to you and ensures you will be treated in a way you deserve.

If a relationship has gone stale or you are trying to rebuild it, it holds a similar energy to new love. An old relationship that is starting over after time apart, or one that is seeking a renewed energy, still holds the energy of new love, making Jade a good choice in establishing the building blocks of a healthy relationship.


Crystals to Attract Romance and Love

Emerald instills loyalty in romantic relationships and it has been nicknamed the successful love stone. This would make it a good choice if you are having a difficult time committing to someone, or if you are in a situation where a person is having a difficult time committing to you. Emerald renews the friendship in the romantic interest, underscoring the importance of actually liking each other, and not just loving each other.

Emerald can give you the support needed to overcome obstacles in your relationship. It is good to keep it on you in jewelry, tucked in your pocket or in your purse.


Crystals to Attract Romance and Love

This light pink stone has a very gentle and healing vibration. Its biggest strength in regards to romance is teaching us how to love. Sometimes we may have been through difficult past relationships, begging us to relearn how to love, and other times we have never experienced a love that has changed us. We may feel like we don’t know how to love at all. Mangano Calcite teaches how to love and appreciate ourselves, and shows us what we value and admire in others. It helps spotlight the qualities we find important in a relationship, helping us to release old ideas and be open to newness.

Crystals to Attract Romance and Love

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VANESSA KUNDERMAN is a fiction author, poet, and avid crystal collector. She has published stories alongside Stephen King, Alice Munro, and Anais Nin, in “Woman, an anthology” a collection of works celebrating strong female dynamics. As a student of core shamanism, Vanessa advocates adapting traditions to create new modern sacred studies. She has a background in motivational speaking and teaches workshops grounded in her self-care and spiritual wellness website, Rogue Wood Supply. She is a mother, cancer survivor, and a lover of the True North, and believes smudging can fix almost every sour mood. She hails from the prairie woodlands of Canada.

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