Cameron, Drew, and Reese: Girls Getaway + Tips for Planning Your Vacation

There’s nothing quite like a Girls Getaway. The companionship, food, wine, and laughter without interruption is an essential part of friendship and is just plain good for the soul.

This week, Cameron joined her girlfriends in Napa Valley, the center of California’s Wine Country. They took Italian cooking lessons at The Culinary Institute of America where they learned how to make fresh pasta, ravioli, and pizza.

When was the last time you took a vacation with your girlfriends? If it’s been awhile, start planning now!

1 // Pick a place that fits your needs

Are you looking to relax and unplug? Do you want to site-see or lay on the beach all day and party at night? Make sure you and your friends define what the expectations of your group are. Or, see if everyone is up for a compromise — some of you go to the beach while the others site-see. You can all meet up for dinner and drinks at night.

2 // Pin it!

If you’re gathering a group of women from different locations, the easiest way to plan is on Pinterest. Restaurants, shops, attractions, transportation, and more can all be gathered together on one Pinterest board.

3 // Plan food find before you go

Use Pinterest, Yelp, Twitter and Facebook to ask your friends, experts and other travelers where the go-to food spots are. This could be the local taco bar, food truck, Michelin Star Restaurant or a combination of all three; whatever your budget, make sure you’re not wasting time on the trip looking at maps, but instead making memories with your friends.

4 // Plan one main activity

Cameron and her friends planned their trip around one main event at the Culinary Institute of America. Yours could be wine tasting, a shopping day, visit to the spa, hiking, or day trip to a local attraction. Planning this ahead of time means that everyone has time to give their input, reservations can be made, and your trip will full of fun and not spent planning.

5 // Don’t over plan your schedule

No one likes to be over-scheduled on vacation. Plan your main event for one full day and then let the rest of the time flow naturally. Some of you may want to spend time at the pool, while others feel like hitting the black jack tables. The point of your vacation is not to stress, but to relax, and catch up with your friends. Have fun!

Where is your favorite place to get away with friends? Share your suggestions in the comments below. Also read: The Healing Power of Solo Travel, Eat Well, Travel Often, and Pack Advice From a World Traveler, Plus an Easy Travel Hair Tutorial.

Photos: Instagram (Cameron, Drew, Reese)