Cameron Diaz: Gratitude is the Only Attitude

Cameron Diaz Gratitude is the Only Attitude

Gratitude is the only attitude.

I say this every day. It’s what I live by, it is truly the source of my happiness. I do it proactively before I have a moment to think that there is any part of my life that has a deficit. When you have gratitude, you are in need of nothing. It’s easy to feel like life is lacking— especially in this day and age when we are told all the time that we NEED so many things. I’ve seen people who have the world at their fingertips— that have more that you or I have and it’s still not enough. And I have also seen people with way less who are completely fulfilled because they are thankful for what they have.

This is the time of year we are meant to reflect on appreciation. And it’s not enough to say that you have gratitude, because gratitude is not just a word– it’s a substance of being– its something that you hold within your heart, mind and body and actively display outwardly into the world with your actions. Gratitude is a gift to both the person who holds it in their heart and to the person who receives it. Because gratitude IS abundance, you can always find a way to be kind and generous to loved ones and strangers alike. If you make it a habit to try to see things that could potentially be a “deficit” into something to be appreciated and that fills you to the brim, you will see how quickly you feel overwhelmed with a sense of abundance. It is a matter of perspective. The classic half empty/half full choice can be the difference between noticing the blessings in your life instead of focusing on what isn’t there. And you may realize that you have everything you need and then some.

Happy Thanksgiving!
– Cameron

Now it’s your turn.

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