Breakfast With The Clean Beauty Boss Babes of CAP Beauty

I first happened upon the clean beauty mecca known as CAP Beauty (CAP being the acronym for clean and pure) when buying MATCHA powder and Beauty Chef’s Glow powder (amongst other goodness) and I gotta say I fell in love with the site straight-away!

Cindy DiPrima (left) and Kerrilynn Pamer (right) of CAP Beauty in their West Village spa/retail location. New York, NY (August 2015). Photo © John von Pamer

Cindy DiPrima (left) and Kerrilynn Pamer (right) of CAP Beauty in their West Village spa/retail location. New York, NY (August 2015). Photo © John von Pamer

Friends for almost 20 years, Kerrilynn Pamer and Cindy DiPrima the owners of CAP, share a love for wellness and an even deeper love for refined and inspired living. Veterans of the worlds of style and magazine editorial, they founded CAP Beauty with a mission to merge the worlds of wellness and design. Kerrilynn’s first business, the clothing and accessories store Castor & Pollux, was a much loved fixture in NYC’s West Village and might be considered the seed for CAP Beauty. Kerrilynn introduced natural beauty to her customers in 2010 and watched the interest and love for this category grow. She herself became enthralled and was amazed there was no single destination where she could shop for the newest and most exciting natural brands. She decided at that point that New York City (and the world!) needed a store committed to natural beauty, a store stocked exclusively with naturals, where customers could experience and learn about these amazing products through treatments, testing and conversation.

Kerrilynn partnered with her longtime friend and collaborator, photo stylist Cindy DiPrima—a perfect match as they had bonded for so long over their interest in healthful living. Known for her intelligent and elevated approach to style, Cindy has contributed to Harper’s Bazaar, Domino, and Town & Country among other publications. As two style-obsessed friends, they dreamed of building a brand that would deliver naturals in the most inspired and edited way. With a heavy focus on design and sensibility, and a deep passion for healthful beauty, consider CAP your next go-to beauty source and their journey ultra inspiring.

Morning, ladies! What’s for breakfast? Do you have an energizing way to start off your day?

Kerrilynn: I love to start my day with the following: a big glass of purified water with ChlorellaBeauty Chef Glow powder and my probiotic. Then it’s on to tea and herbs. I make a batch of tea depending on my mood. Sometimes it’s a Lapsang Souchong or Turmeric and Ginger or Matcha. This is added to my herbs that are made up of the whole kitchen sink: Mucuna PruriensHe Shou WuAshitabaAshwaghandaTocotrienols and Coconut Butter. All of this goes in the Vitamix to create the most delicious and energizing morning drink. Sometimes this serves as my breakfast but when I want more energy I’ll make a Smoothie with Blueberries, Bee Mana, Almond or Cashew Milk, LivWell Protein Powder, Goji Berries and Kale.

Cindy: I always start the day with a big glass of filtered water with lemon followed by a warm Matcha latte. (Made with our CAP Beauty Matcha of course!) I blend it with homemade nut milk, our CAP Beauty Coconut Buttertocotreinols, and some superfood and adaptogens like cordycepsmoringa and ashitaba. Breakfast itself really changes with the season. Right now in late winter I’ve been loving half a grapefruit with a handful of activated walnuts. As the weather warms up I’ll definitely start making smoothies again, and in high summer i tend to juice more.

Tell us more about CAP Beauty, it’s unique brand principals and why you decided to launch your amazing beauty site?

Kerrilynn: We started CAP because we truly believe that naturals are the modern choice. They’re good for you and good for the planet. We wanted to create a place where natural actually means natural and no one has to question any of the ingredients. We do the research so that our customers don’t have to. We live by the philosophy that beauty is wellness and wellness is beauty, and CAP encompasses that for us. We’re changing the status quo on what a beauty store can be.

Cindy: We created CAP Beauty because we wanted to have an inspiring and modern outlet for the amazing natural beauty lines that were easy to find online, but lacked a brick and mortar home. The idea was to create a space where EVERYTHING is natural, where our customers could shop knowing that we had already vetted everything. The products we sell are loaded with healthful and nutritionally dense ingredients. And we wanted to create a place where shoppers could discover and engage with these products. We knew we wanted to have a strong educational component but didn’t quite anticipate how powerful that would be. CAP is a clubhouse, not in the exclusive way, but in the way that draws people together. We are a mecca for those who choose radical self care, informed wellness and high vibrational, inspired living.

What do you love about your bodies as they are right now? What CAP Beauty products do you use on a regular basis for maintaining a healthy glow from the inside out?

Kerrilynn: I love how in tune I’ve become with my body. It used to be such a mystery and now I have an understanding of what it wants and needs. I can tell when I’m doing too much just by how my body responds and feels. I love this connection, a dialogue between my mind and body is one of the things I’m happiest about on this path of wellness. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to see and feel cause and effect happening on a daily basis. And the body is so intelligent in speaking to me about what it wants and needs. In the past I didn’t understand the language and now I feel like I’m on the path to becoming fluent in it.

Cindy: I love how intelligent our bodies are, how reactive and responsive they are. When we adopt a a new habit, good or bad, our bodies respond. I love to see my body change through exercise, my skin change from facial massage or dry brushing, the quality of my sleep change from adding herbs like Ashwaganda to my evening routine.

We are big believers in adding healthy habits into our day and not worrying so much about “quitting” the bad ones. As we adopt more healthy practices, the other stuff just seems to fall away. Our Matcha has really helped me cut down on coffee and gives me an incredible dose of antioxidants. Consuming healthy fats is also vital for good skin. I love adding our Coconut Butter to smoothies and teas or I eat a spoonful right out of the jar. I also rely on The Beauty Chef powders and boosts to up my daily intake of pre and probiotics. Most of us are mineral deficient and the Quinton Hypertonic marine plasma shots we sell are energizing and mineralizing and great for healthy teeth and gums.

Finally, adding a medicinal mushroom like Reishi, Cordyceps or Chaga is so beneficial for immune support. Cordyceps has been my go-to. Its great for enhancing fitness as well.

We love that your products are clean and cruelty free. What are some of your most beloved featured brands?

Kerrilynn: All of the brands we carry at CAP are special, but a few of my favorites are In FioreMay LindstromThe Beauty ChefSun PotionMoon Juice, W3LL PEOPLERahuaJiva Apoha and Quinton.

Cindy: My list is always changing but In FioreTata HarperSun PotionMay LindstromDr. AlkaitisStrange InvisibleW3LL PEOPLE and of course The CAPtivator are always at the top. I’m also loving the infused palo santo sticks from Morphologically, Living Libations Sea Buckthorn Shampoo and Conditioner and the new coconut body cream from Nucifera.

How do you practice beauty from the inside out? What are some of your fave CAP beauty detox products?

Kerrilynn: We’re huge believers in nourishing ourselves both internally and externally. This means eating a plant based, high vibe, alkaline diet including good fats and lots of fermented foods. Digestive Bitters as well as digestive enzymes are essential to help with digestion and to promote clear skin. Meditation and exercise are also crucial to us feeling our best. We  have so many amazing products that support the body internally and externally. Not a day goes by that we don’t drink herbs, take our Beauty Chef Glow powder and use only the purest, most nutrient dense products on our skin. We find these habits to be the best route to vibrant health.

Cindy: Dry Brushing is an incredibly effective tool for detoxing. I couple it with a few drops of Lymph Tonic from Living Libations. It creates a deeper and beautifully aromatic experience. Facial massage is also an incredible practice for drawing out impurities and giving our skin a lifted and vibrant glow.

Adding fermented foods is vital. We love the Inner Beauty Powders and Boosts from The Beauty Chef for making it easy to get our daily dose of ferments. They are easy to drink and delicious and we get to start our days knowing that we’ve already supported ourselves this way. Sometimes a boost of plant protein is important for detoxing. We love LivWell’s protein blends. The Vanilla includes Sacha Inchi and thermogenic Cinnamon. Finally, a mega dose of greens from Chlorella is so alkalizing and detoxifying.

What beauty products can be found in your bag on any given day that make you feel put together, “Like A Boss”?

Kerrilynn: The CAPtivator Anointing Oil is always by my side to increase and encourage love and magnetism. W3LL PEOPLE Universalist in Creamy Peony, W3LL PEOPLE Bio Brightening Stick and W3LL PEOPLE Narcissist Stick is my trio of makeup that I rely on for a fresh and healthy face. Tata Harper Replenishing Nutrient Complex is the final step in my makeup routine. Also, Jiva Apoha Atman perfume oil. And I typically have a stick of Palo Santo and a crystal to ground myself.

Cindy: My make-up routine is fairly simple, but I like to refresh with a hit of color from W3LL PEOPLE’s Universalist Color Stick. I’m also a huge believer in boosting hydration throughout the day with a good mist. Tata Harper’s Hydrating Floral Essence is loaded with Hylauronic Acid which boost our skin’s ability to retain moisture. It makes my skin so plump and dewy. I think I may be addicted. I also carry a bottle of Cell Food to oxygenate my water and some Quinton Hypertonic shots. Last but not least, The CAPtivator!

Kerrilynn Pamer and Cindy DiPrima of CAP Beauty on West 10th Street in the West Village. August 2015, New York, NY. Photo � John von Pamer

Kerrilynn Pamer and Cindy DiPrima of CAP Beauty on West 10th Street in the West Village. August 2015, New York, NY. Photo � John von Pamer

Do you have inspiring female role models that motivate you on a daily basis? Tell us about them.

Kerrilynn: Our staff is a huge motivation. They are diverse, engaged and highly inspiring, each of them on a path to bettering themselves and sharing their knowledge with as many as possible. We can’t believe how lucky we are.

Cindy: Its sounds so cliché but my mom is always my North Star. She passed away many years ago but she’s always really with me. She was agile, compassionate, feminine, smart and always very hands on. And she was truly connected to the Earth. I aspire to be all of those things and to keep those values close as I mother my own kids and lead CAP Beauty. Kerrilynn is a lot like her in many ways and its no surprise that our partnership thrives.

Be sure to delve into CAP Beauty’s online shop to score the latest in beauty wellness. You’ll love how their mindful, curated products make you feel from the inside out!


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