Breakfast With Boss Babe Sarah Dubbledam, Founder, Editor-in-Chief, Creative Director of Darling Magazine

So I’ve been a fan of Darling ever since I locked eyes with one of its breathtaking covers at my favorite Anthropologie a few years ago. From the captivating images featured in both their print and digital editions to the magazine’s empowering messages catered to women in all stages of life, relationships, business, and self-love—Darling is more than just a good read—its good for the soul.

A personal career highlight was when Darling featured my work in 2014 and again this year. Now I’ve come full circle interviewing Sarah Dubbledam, the Founder, Editor-in-Chief, Creative Director of this beloved, visual treasure.

Get to know more about Darling’s courageous strides to change how women are perceived in the media, its unwavering support of women’s issues and its passionate founder.

Photo by: Emily Blake:

Photo by: Emily Blake:

Do you have a favorite power breakfast you like to start your day with?

I’m not going to lie, I’m a real bacon and eggs kind of girl! I love protein and if I don’t eat a lot of it in the morning I feel so sluggish by 10am. I also like Greek yoghurt with berries and honey and avocado toast. I always drink Chai tea or decaf coffee with almond milk.

Tell us more about the origins and uniqueness of Darling. What was the moving force in launching your gorgeous print and digital magazine?

My friend Kelli and I came up with the idea because we felt that there wasn’t a magazine that was genuine and truly encouraging for women—we only saw media telling women how they were in need of alteration: too thin, too curvy, too short, too tall, not sexy enough, etc. We wanted Darling to be a friend, a mentor and a guide through the toughest parts of life—that voice of wisdom, speaking about the things that matter like character, self-esteem, purpose, dignity and equality. We also wanted to broaden the definition of beauty by visually showing diverse sizes of women and ethnicities—and ban retouching, which we are currently achieving!

Photo by: Kat Harris:

Photo by: Kat Harris:

We love how Darling embraces real women and honors different body images. Tell us more about Darling’s stance on only using non-airbrushed images.

We decided that Photoshop should be for fixing non-human aspects of an image only—dirt on the floor, an unwanted cord or an underexposed image. We feel that this is an important step towards women being relieved of the pressure to be “perfect,” and we’ve experienced a lot of positive feedback with this choice. People write in and tell us how “refreshing,” “real,” and “beautiful” it is to actually see a bump or a line on a woman’s face, because in reality, I believe a flaw is only a “flaw” if it’s measured against an ideal that’s established by culture. We don’t believe in the idea of flaws at Darling.

What does “the art of being a woman” mean to you in today’s society?

I think it’s hard to be a woman these days—you’re told so many conflicting messages … be sexy, but don’t be skanky, be kind but be tough, be powerful but don’t be mean, be a mother but work full time and so on … so it’s a lot to juggle and it really is an “art” to balance who you are on the outside with who you’re becoming on the inside. This is why we have the eight personas in our magazine—to give advice for women that wear so many “hats” in life.

Interview with Darling Magazine Founder

What do you love about your body as it is right now? What beauty products do you use on a regular basis for maintaining a healthy glow from the inside out?

I am actually pregnant! So I’m adjusting to having a large belly and how that changes my whole body and the style of clothes that I wear—but I am loving it and think it’s really beautiful to be pregnant. My favorite beauty product is by Super Salve called the Mimosa Blossom Dream Cream. It’s all-organic and such a lovely moisturizer. I also use only “clean,” organic makeup—brands like Tarte and Bare Minerals.

Do you have inspiring female role models that motivate you on a daily basis? Tell us about them.

My friends who are fellow entrepreneurs really inspire me. Caitlin Crosby, who founded Giving Keys, Jess Puccinelli, who founded Haute Hope and others—they are my life-line for advice on everything!

What beauty products can be found in your bag on any given day that make you feel put together, “Like A Boss”?

I have Ahava Deadsea Water Mineral hand cream and The Lip Slip by Sara Happ in my bag at all times—also a nice red lipstick by Nars for that special occasion!

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