Booty Blaster Workout: Tone & Lift Your Glutes

How much time have you spent looking for the perfect pair of jeans that make your booty look just right? We know, we’ve been there. The struggle is real girlfriend. However, what if instead of looking for the perfect pair of pants you focused on making your booty look good in any pair of pants? Now that’s a win in our book. We would probably all admit that our backside can definitely be a problem area but it can be hard to know what to do about it. Resource Girls to the rescue!

Booty Blaster Workout: 10 movies to tone and lift your glutes

We have a few moves that will get your booty burning and into tip top shape in no time. These moves are great for the gym, during commercials while you’re watching Ellen, or if you only have a couple minutes while the baby naps. We recommend a repeat of this series for a total twenty minute workout.

Each exercise you will do for one minute. You can set a timer or just watch your phone and switch moves every time the minute changes. It’s ok to rest in between, just start the next exercise at the top of every minute.

The Downward Facing Dog Rainbow – Right Leg

Start in down dog position lift your right leg straight up to standing splits then with your stick straight leg make a big rainbow tapping the toe on the outside of the left leg, lifting straight up then touch down on the right and repeat. For the next minute do the same thing on the left leg.

The Downward Facing Dog Rainbow – Left Leg

Follow instructions above but for the left leg. Once completed flip over to your back.

Bridge Lifts

Also known as hip thrusters. Shoulders to the ground, feet flat and under knees. To make it more difficult bring knees in closer to your booty, or for an easier modification scoot feet out, to really get the most burn lift one leg then switch legs halfway through. Touch your booty to the ground then lift right back up, squeezing your glutes at the top of the lift. You can also add weights to your hip creases for an added challenge.

Table Top Leg Raise (with or without weight) – Right Leg

Booty Blaster Workout: 10 movies to tone and lift your glutes

Start in tabletop position (on hands and knees). Begin by lifting your right leg, bent at the knee with the bottom of your foot positioned flat to the sky. For an extra challenge place a weight in the bend of your leg as pictured. Don’t have a weight? Try a soup can or a water bottle, get creative. Just about anything will work! Now stamp your foot to the ceiling, and move your leg from your booty. Think about the muscle you’re working, or those skinny jeans, whatever is more motivating! Now switch the weight to the left leg and repeat for the next minute.

Table Top Leg Raise (with or without weight) – Left Leg

Follow instructions above but for the left leg. Now straight to your belly.

Glute Kicks

Lay flat on your stomach with arms resting in front of you and head and neck down, don’t strain your neck! Now bring your heels together and take your knees wide. Make sure that your heels are touching, they are GLUED together. Now press the bottoms of feet toward the sky (as pictured) while keeping your heels locked together. Your knees should be coming off the ground. Yep, you’ll feel those tomorrow. Just keep moving straight up and down.


Booty Blaster Workout: 10 movies to tone and lift your glutes

You can stay on your belly but this time extend arms and legs straight out, focus on length and not height. Now make a swimming motion by lifting right arm with left leg and left arm with right leg. Speed it up until you’re in a little groove. Swim it out!

Elevated Lunge – Right Leg

Booty Blaster Workout: 10 movies to tone and lift your glutes

Start in lunge position and use whatever furniture, or equipment if you’re at the gym, you have to elevate your right leg. You want your weight in your left heel, knee in line with ankle and lunge straight up and down. For an added challenge hold weights in both hands or do bicep curls with soup cans or whatever you have lying around. Now switch legs for the next minute.

Elevated Lunge – Left Leg

See instructions above but opposite leg.

Dead Lifts

Stand straight up, legs straight, hands behind your head (or for an added challenge grab a weight) with a flat back simply bend over to ninety degrees then stand straight up and squeeze your glutes at the top. That’s it. You should feel this in your glutes and hamstrings, never your low back.

Booty Blaster Workout: 10 movies to tone and lift your glutes

It’s important to remember with any exercise if something feels uncomfortable or feels off, listen to your body and make modifications. We hope you’re a little uncomfortable in the sense you’re pushing yourself but nothing should be downright painful. It’s also great to practice some of these moves in front of a mirror so you can watch your alignment and make sure you’re doing the exercises properly.

We apologize in advance when you have a hard time getting up from your desk tomorrow. However, we’re not too sorry because we know when bikini season comes you’ll be thanking us. Now who’s ready to go jeans shopping?


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