Bedtime Rituals: How to Craft a Homemade Dream Pillow

Nighttime rituals are essential.

A healthy PM regimen is going to be the staple to strong health in 2017, and getting a good night’s rest is the not-so-secret ingredient to starting your day on the right foot. Cameron Diaz has talked about it, and Arianna Huffington and Gwyneth Paltrow are also on board.

If you’re improperly rested, everything falls apart, no matter how much kale you juice.

Shining a spotlight on your own personal bedtime rituals is a great dedication to make to your health this year. Getting to bed earlier, rising earlier, nixing technology after 8PM, and even having an appropriate bedtime smoothie are all things that will encourage wellness.

Pairing aromatherapy and healing crystals is another great way to create a soothing bedtime ritual. Scent is a very powerful and natural trigger in developing habits, especially healthy ones. And there are a couple bedtime crystals that can supercharge how restorative your sleep cycle is when they’re kept in the bedroom.


Dream Pillows unite aromatherapy and crystals together.

Fragrant herbs are tucked into a thin satchel to help trigger your brain and body into relaxation. They are paired with powerful and healing bedtime crystals to maximize restoration and recovery while your body recharges through sleep.

Lavender and chamomile possess healing folk wisdom in addition to their soothing aromatherapy properties. Lavender helps to sharpen the mind after encouraging it to drift to sleep. This can help your body to do deep subconscious work in your dreams, helping unveil wisdom to you during dreamtime. Chamomile attracts prosperity and abundance to you, amplifying the restoration process while you are unconscious and recharging.

Amethyst is a powerful bedtime crystal because its main properties are balance and restoration. It can encourage the sleep cycle to happen quickly while calming an overactive unconscious mind. If you’re someone who suffers from overly vivid dreams or even nightmares, Amethyst helps guide your subconscious with lavender’s help. It helps open up your inner channels, unblocking any dis-ease and allowing the body to heal and feel fresh in the morning.

Moonstone is linked to our femininity, healthy menstrual cycles and of course, the moon. It helps to wash us in a calm and soothing energy, encouraging us to let go of any strong emotions that are troubling us, potentially keeping us up at night. If you find it hard to shut off your brain at bedtime, making endless lists of things to do instead of drifting to sleep, moonstone will be your savior.

Here is my favorite recipe for an effective Dream Pillow:


• satchel
• 1 tbsp of dried lavender
• 2 tbsp of dried chamomile
• Amethyst
• Moonstone
* Quartz is a good crystal alternative. You can program it with any intention you’d like


1. If you have some basic sewing skills, you can make yourself a small satchel using a thin fabric. A thin fabric will help release the herbal fragrance. Sew two four-inch squares together, leaving an opening.

2. Scoop the herbs into the opening, and sew the thin satchel closed so the herbs don’t fall out. You can tuck this satchel into a larger pocket, bag, or sew yourself a larger satchel like mine below. Tuck an amethyst or moonstone inside. *Don’t sew the crystal in with the herbs. Leave it loose.

3. Tuck the dream pillow inside your pillowcase or on your night table. You want it close enough to you so you can smell the pillow’s fragrance. If your bed allows it, you may even place it on top of your headboard.

Be sure to cleanse your bedtime stone monthly. 


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VANESSA KUNDERMAN is a fiction author, poet, and avid crystal collector. She has published stories alongside Stephen King, Alice Munro, and Anais Nin, in “Woman, an anthology” a collection of works celebrating strong female dynamics. As a student of core shamanism, Vanessa advocates adapting traditions to create new modern sacred studies. She has a background in motivational speaking and teaches workshops grounded in her self-care and spiritual wellness website, Rogue Wood Supply. She is a mother, cancer survivor, and a lover of the True North, and believes smudging can fix almost every sour mood. She hails from the prairie woodlands of Canada. Follow Vanessa on FacebookInstagramPinterest, and her website.