Beauty Packing Advice From A Worldly Traveler | Plus, a Bonus Hair Tutorial!

Beauty Packing Advice From A Worldly Traveler

Packing for a vacation can sometimes feel like a chore, especially when it comes to our trusty beauty bag! Between all of the little knick-knack tagalongs and in-flight liquid restrictions, we often wish we could throw all of our items in a big bag and just head out the door. But as we all know, planning ahead often makes for a more enjoyable vacation—with less product spillage and an overall friendlier flight!

I sat down with worldly traveler and blogger, Yana Puaca of NoMad Luxuries, to pick her brain on what to pack and how to pack when it comes to beauty for our next jet-setting adventure. Yana’s skincare tips and tricks will help you feel fresh and polished while in-flight and on-land at your final destination! Check out her packing advice below and let us know if you’ll be implementing any of these tried-and-tested beauty-saves during your next vacation.

Beauty Packing Advice From A Worldly Traveler

Pack Light, Pack Right

Think about carrying must-have skin care products in a smaller carry-on makeup bag you can quickly place on your lap tray for relaxation and conditioning purposes. Setting yourself up for success ensures a spa-like feel (even in coach!) and makes the most of your transit time!

My flights tend to be international and offer the perfect opportunity to disconnect and enjoy some in-flight pampering. I tend to bring most of my testers that I accumulate and try them out. They are small, easy to pack and I can see if I like a new product that I don’t necessarily need to commit to! Win, win! I don’t wear makeup on flights, just a touch of mascara…but frankly, I don’t go anywhere without mascara! This routine allows my skin to breathe and feel comfortable during long flights while I sample new skincare at my leisure.

Beauty Packing Advice From A Worldly Traveler


My In Flight Routine

Hydration is key! It’s just as important to put on a hydrating product as it is to drink water while in  flight. I always take a bottle of Avène Thermal Spring Water to spray on my face during flights. It doubles as hydration, but also makes you feel less “locked-in” for the next 8 hours in an enclosed aircraft. I usually start off with a mask, my current favorite is Sisley’s Black Rose Cream Mask. Hefty price tag, but coined as the fountain of youth for a reason! I then take off my mask with Micheller water (my favorite thing ever, try this favorite by Garnier) and slather on my creams and oils. Rosa Arctica by Kiehl’s is the heaviest cream I own but my face drinks it right up (especially in that stale and dry airplane air). I tend to add a dime-size amount of Rodin Luxury Face Oil and night-repair eye cream to sleep. I also bring a linen spray in a travel-size sprayer to create a cozy and relaxing ambiance. This little tip puts me right to sleep and makes me feel like I’m in my own bed instead of a crammed seat. Other passengers either love it or hate it! Kiehls lip tin in rose is the last piece of the puzzle. Lastly, I’ll sip on a peppermint tea that I bring with me with a dab of essential oils to promote relaxation and sweet dreams!

Packing For the Actual Vacation

I use a secondary, larger makeup bag to house all of the big liquids and makeup I can’t stow-away on the plane. This two-step method is great for travel and helps you abide by our current regulations.

Beauty Packing Advice From A Worldly Traveler

Beauty Packing Advice From A Worldly Traveler

Beauty Packing Advice From A Worldly Traveler

I like to keep my makeup simple when I travel, but find that these basics are key. I always pack and dab on sunblock and rely on a tinted moisturizer for a light weight coverage. Next, I add a bit of bronzer to add some definition, and a pop of pink to give a healthy and youthful glow. For mascara, I swear by Lancôme Grandiose.

On repeat is Velvet Teddy by MAC with a slightly pink lip pencil to create more of a pout. I also tend to pack wine colored lip stains, a rose-y nude and an occasional vampy lip as these versatile colors are all you need when traveling.

I set my makeup with Boscia’s White Charcoal Mattifying MakeUp Setting Spray. It’s one of my favorite products lately and really does the job to keep my makeup in place during any adventure.

Additionally, great makeup removal products to pack include SU:M37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick for easy portability and amazing results. Trust me, this Korean product with dried rose petals acts as a natural exfoliant, is ideal for sensitive skin, and smells fantastic! Another goodie I seriously can’t live without is SK-II Treatment Cleansing Oil as I have dry skin and this is brilliant at taking off makeup and dirt while leaving my skin clean and hydrated (without the oily residue). SK-II is a new-to-me brand, but I love it! I also use their Facial Treatment Essence every day after washing—think of it as the perfect toner!

Beauty Bonus

Beauty Packing Advice From A Worldly Traveler

You know we had to include a fun hair tip designed perfectly for travel! We love flying with fuss-free, groomed hair so a pretty braid such as this one (displayed on Yana) is always a good idea. Get it by gathering the majority of your hair to one side and creating a French braid. Next, create another French Braid on the other side with your remaining hair. Lastly, interlock your second braid into your first for a chic, put-together look. Keeping your hair off your face and off your shoulders is great for relaxing on the plane and carrying shoulder strapped bags. Having your hair tugged and pulled by luggage isn’t any fun so we consider this ‘do a win-win!

Beauty Packing Advice From A Worldly Traveler

Aren’t these tips great?! What are your trademark beauty habits when traveling? We’d love to learn more! While you’re traveling, stay connected and calm with these meditation travel apps.

Story Contribution by Yana Puaca
Editing by Maritza Buelvas
Photography by Jennifer Coffey
Hair by Maritza Buelvas

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