Autumn Cosmic Report: Helping You Shift From Summer to Fall

An Uncomfortable Cosmic Year

There is no way to sugar coat the energetic challenges we faced this summer. A handful of planets were retrograde, eclipses were rattling our inner and outer worlds, and we collectively began to feel the energetic shift we’re all entering together. Despite the many whopping challenges presented before us, they were each beneficial for our personal and collective growth. There were so many things we had each outgrown, and yet still held on to.

Ever since the first Blue Moon in January of this year (and second Blue Moon in March; a very uncommon occurrence that won’t happen again until 2037), we’ve been on a wild trajectory. This summer, it felt like it had reached its boiling point for many of us.

Because energetically speaking, it did.

All the changes happening in the sky affected each of us in slightly different ways. At the tail end of August, we moved into the season of Virgo, one of three Earth Signs. Virgo is an interpersonal sign, meaning it is concerned with the relationship between people. This shift into Virgo triggered each of us to focus on our security and stability and the security and stability of those who are important to us.

And with Mercury (planet of communication and thoughts) and Mars (planet of motivation, aggression and desires) quickly going direct shortly after the lunar eclipses we felt this summer, many of us began feeling new motivation and transformation in the areas we feel stability.

Maybe that’s your relationships or family.
Maybe that’s your home.
Maybe that’s your career.
Maybe that’s your health.

Earlier this year, external planet Uranus – the planet of liberation, change and rebellion – shifted out of its seven-year stint in Aries and moved into Taurus. Taurus, another Earth Sign, is also anchored in stability, safety and creature comforts. When the Planet of Rebellion and Liberation moves into an Earth Sign like this, we know we can be in for big change in the areas we typically seek security; our homes, careers, romances, and bodies.

There has been a lot of shifting into Earth Signs, forcing us to reflect and decide on the areas we feel discomfort. Earth energy wants us to be comfortable! Paired with the eclipses (which “eclipse” things from our lives), this meant big, dramatic changes for many of us.

Arguably, the more “off path” we each had become, the bigger we felt these transformations over summer. We are collectively moving into a healthier space because our collective survival depends on it.

It’s time to level up!

When we reflect on Uranus having hung out in Aries for years, we can see its affects in how we identify. Aries is a Fire Sign, full of motivation, drive, and personal interests. Aries is infatuated with how it identifies. With Uranus’s influence, we developed new ways to identify in regards to our gender, sexuality, rights, mental wellness and more. We developed words we never used to have access to, like cis gender, non-binary, new pronouns, transparency, and more, just to help us seek a new level of authenticity.

With Uranus changing signs and moving into Taurus, many planets began lining up in Earth signs, (Mars also lined up in Capricorn for the first chunk of September). We’re going to continue to feel a big shift this Autumn, particularly in what we feel brings us security, because it’s imperative that we find our footing, ground ourselves, and find comfort in the changes we made.

Safety, security and stability don’t actually come from your stable job, your long-term relationship or your beautiful condo; security and stability can really only come from you. YOU are your first home; your first relationship; your first “job”. None of these external things actually provide the comfort we’re seeking, because our “things” and circumstances do not define us.

Don’t get me wrong; we love to identify with our jobs, our achievements, and especially our challenges, but this is the next area where our cosmic focus is going to shift to. Because these things don’t actually define us. If you remove the fact that you’re a mother, or a writer, or a cancer survivor, or a homeowner – who are you, truly? The answer is there, but it can be difficult to unearth.

This will be the undercurrent through autumn, and we’ll be processing the changes during the hibernation season.



September will begin with really practical energy. With the Sun in Virgo and a string of planets on other Earth Signs, we’ll be laying the groundwork for this new chapter we have entered.

Maybe you’re moving or have recently moved.
Maybe you’re changing careers, or stepping into a new role/new duties.

Maybe your relationship has entered a new chapter, or even possibly disintegrated.

Whatever is being culled from you right now, or whatever you decided to change over the summer, is cosmically for your greater good. Being uncomfortable is the real indicator that we’re evolving.

Mars Direct will influence us with a big push of motivation, and we’ll find ourselves pulling up energy resources we didn’t even know we had! It’s important to direct our motivation in the right areas at this time, so be sure you know what you need to feel your best. For the first half of the month, we’ll be focused on the details.

The sun will then shift into Libra, and many of us will be recalculating our recent moves. We will have had a chance to develop our new rhythm (hopefully!), and we’ll begin to make room to zoom out and analyze how we feel about everything that has changed in our life.

Can we improve upon the situation?
Is this what’s best for everyone involved?
Are we happy and in balance?

For some of us, Libra will trigger a bit of anxiety. Libra is an Air Sign so we’ll be in our heads! But remember: Libra Season is about balance, and figuring out what you and “your people” need in order to live in harmony.

The Equinox will also have a magical tone, and most of the month will feel excitable – and a little scary! – with all the newness on the horizon.

Do your best to celebrate the change of season in a way that allows you to reflect on everything that you have moved through this year.


September 23 is the Autumnal Equinox. Celebrate with these 8 rituals


October is an exciting month – the veil that separates us from the spirit world is thinnest at this time, and it allows us to have amazing insight, transformation and energy.

Each one of us have different awareness about our energy and spirit, but this month, it would be great to flex your spiritual muscles in trying to explore your relationship with your spiritual world.

We’ll be craving deeper shifting and transformation this month, and there will be moments where it feels emotionally too much. And that’s OK. Just be aware of your emotions. The month begins with Libra, having us analyzing and thinking mindfully about everything that shifted and transpired for us, and we’ll most likely come to conclusions and be able to zero in on specific areas we require further depth. This is amazing, because it allows us to focus on the areas we need to develop and grow.

We’re evolving.

You’ll be craving a deeper quality of change, most likely internal. The shifting you went through is now dictating your new normal, and for most of October, you’ll still be figuring out what your new normal is.

This will be a month of steady action – a really great flow and rhythm (that you developed in late August and early September). Your spiritual team will be sending you coincidences, and ah-ha moments all month long, and it will be your only job just to watch for them! Do your best to pay attention to the magic and mysteries of your world, and revel in the signs of confirmation you get to help remind you that you are supported and that only you are responsible for your own security.

For October and part of November, Venus, planet of Beauty, Love, and Money, will retrograde in Scorpio and Libra. We may enter a brief time of financial uncertainty, or even perhaps have our self-confidence rattled, or we may make unwise decisions in love. Some of us will feel tension in our romantic relationship, so try to establish an open line of communication. Otherwise, feelings could get hurt.

When this shift happens, do your best to keep your awareness bright and alert, so you can be cautious about your actions in love and money, to be sure you don’t mis-step. Since we still have Uranus hanging out in Taurus, and because of the shifting we went through over the summer, this situation probably has roots in what you shifted – love, home or career. Are you looking for a “quick fix” to make you feel comfortable?

Are you feeling called back to an ex? Contemplating an affair?
Are you overspending on items you feel you NEED but probably don’t?

Are you feeling bored with your “look”?
Do you have an itch you desperately want to… scratch?



We have a “dark week” in November – seven consecutive nights where the night-time moon is below 10% illumination. While the moon cycle always finds us in cycles of dark nights, this week has Venus retrograde through the energy of emotional Scorpio. Scorpio Season can be a lot: looooooots of feelings, deep down within.

During this dark week, you may feel disconnected and tired, deciding to make extra time for yourself and your needs (that’s good!), but after all the questioning, assessing and analyzing of your shifting from Libra Season, the dark week in Scorpio will be an amazing time to “sew your seeds – or new seeds – EXTRA deep”. You’ll have a few months of your new chapter under your belt, and you’ll be able to objectively make plans that help propel your growth in an even deeper way.

These seeds have the potential to have long-lasting effects, so choose wisely.

It will be important to ask yourself, “What’s important to me now?”

Some parts will be uncomfortable, but, try to remind yourself that it’s actually good to be uncomfortable sometimes! You’ve changed. Try to remind yourself of how different you were this time last year, and reflect on where all this change has taken you. You’ll begin to feel the faint call of a new season, one that will pull you inward and deep inside yourself.

As soon as Venus stations, Mercury – planet of communication and thoughts – will retrograde, and we’ll get another opportunity to finesse and revisit the things we decided to change or enhance before the hibernation season greets us.

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