Amanda Kriebel: What Longevity Means to Me

With the release of Cameron’s book, The Longevity Book, we’ve asked women from all walks of life to tell us what longevity means to them. Read Sadie Lincoln, Founder of barre3, here. Now, Amanda Kriebel, Doctor of Physical Therapy shares her thoughts.

What Longevity Means To Me

What longevity means to me…

Life is an experiment, a practice exploring the unknown. I feel like I am constantly collecting data to discover what works, what fits and what doesn’t. I stumble through mistakes, breathe through the challenges, and make changes when necessary even when they are tough ones. I experiment with the choices I make. Life is choices, and those choices shape our journey (advice from my Mom and Dad). There are the little choices in my moment to moment thoughts; what to do that day, how to spend my time and with whom, prioritizing tasks, coordinating schedules, what to eat, how to exercise, create quiet time, and getting enough quality sleep. And then there are the BIG choices that involve career evolution, where to live, and nourishing and maintaining relationships with loved ones. All of these choices, these investments, design my being, my core and my joy. And yours too! The choices you make will either serve you or deplete you. Continually experiment and be open to discover which ones fit your lifestyle, personality and genuine needs. Our joyful being enhances our longevity.

Longevity to me is a daily practice and is fueled through my choices to inspire and celebrate a long life. I find this through choosing to be a student of life and a wisdom seeker. The wonder of learning keeps me vibrant and brings me joy. I love to learn, and practice being open to experience and study life everyday with all of its dimensions and layers. It is an experiment. When life’s beakers explode, because sometimes they do, I begin again. I re-evaluate the choices that led to the explosion. With time, and after a few wrong choices, what’s left is wisdom. Longevity to me is a celebration of wisdom; the practice of learning to make better choices, slowing down and listening, and going with the flow within the experiment of life.

What Longevity Means To Me
“One’s philosophy is not best expressed in words; it is expressed in the choices one makes. In the long run, we shape our lives and we shape ourselves.” ~Eleanor Roosevelt

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Affectionately described by many as a yoga scientist, Amanda Kriebel is an innovative Doctor of Physical Therapy and Yoga Teacher who humbly claims to be a student of life. Contact her to schedule and appointment in person or via Skype. Learn more about her and her exclusive videos: | Facebook | Instagram @amanda.kriebel | YouTube Channel

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