What’s in Your Cup? How to Fill Your Life With Positivity

We’ve all been in a rush at some point in our lives and spilled our morning coffee, am I right? It’s not a question of, “Am I going to spill my coffee?” It’s WHEN will we spill it. It’s common sense that what we put in our cup will also spill out of it. The same is true in life: what we put in our own cup, our soul, is sure to come out.


Do we spend our mornings rushed, yelling at kids to get out the door, irritated and nagging our spouse? By the time we get to work I’m sure nothing good is coming out of the cup. Are we gossiping with co-workers or listening to complaints all day? That’s what’s going to come out of our cup. What if you truly are surrounded by negativity or sadness? I understand that, it can happen. It just means we have to add an extra dose of the good stuff to our cup. How do we do that? I thought you would never ask!

Drown out the noise

I love listening to podcasts to fill my mind with information, positivity, or to make me laugh. There are so many good ones out there. I even listen to podcasts during my workouts. Here is a great article to get you started. Podcasts are free, so there’s no excuse not to start adding some positivity to your day!

Get your thoughts out

In recent years I have been a big fan of journaling and getting my thoughts on paper. Maybe you don’t have anyone you can talk to, or you may have things you don’t want to share, but you can always write them down. Release them your thoughts, your emotions, and even your creative ideas. Don’t hold back; whatever it is, let it go! After you get that part out of the way fill your cup with gratitude.

Here are some tips for getting you started on a gratitude journal.

Surround yourself with the right people

Finding the “right people” is easier said than done, I get it. I can hear you whispering, “but I don’t know anyone.” I believe you, you truly may not. (We’ve all been there.) This means you may need to start going to new places, sitting somewhere different at lunch, or changing up your routine. I would also encourage you to put yourself out there and ask someone you admire or who you would like to be friends with to coffee. You never know, they may want to ask you, but are too nervous.

Check out my essay on how to find your tribe once and for all for more tips on finding friends as an adult.

Spend time in nature

There’s something about getting outside that can so easily change our perspective. Besides that, when was the last time you put your phone away and took a walk in the woods or along the ocean? Or even in your neighborhood? Leave your phone at home and make an intentional effort to soak in all the goodness that you’re normally too busy to see.

There truly are a limitless number of ways to fill your cup with positivity and light. I hope these few ideas have your mind spinning with possibility. Never underestimate the power of a good book, a heart-to-heart with a friend, moving your body or being in nature to fill your cup with joy.

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CAT GOLDEN started Nine Lives Health and Mind to help others feel like the absolute best version of themselves. She has a background in pediatric nursing and now does her wellness business full time. She does this through working with individuals and groups conducting weight loss programs, help with athletic performance, increased energy and mindset training. She has been a fitness enthusiast for the last decade and believes that where focus goes energy flows. Focus on gratitude and moving your body and watch how your life can change! (You can also see posts from Cat under The Resource Girls)

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